First PC Build


Im going to build my first pc, but I want your advice.

Will these components work together and is it recommended?


Gigabyte Geforce GTX 970 Windforce


Intel i7 4790k


Asrock z87 Extreme 6 or Extreme 4


Cooler master Hyper 212 Evo

Power Supply:

Corsair 600W


Probably a 256 GB SSD


Corsair Vengeance (2x4GB)



And another question, do i need anything else? Like thermal paste or an anti static wrist band



Easiest way to check compatibility: Also breaks down price for you, benchmarks, etc. You will most likely need thermal paste for your cooling unit, if it doesn't come with it. I would just get it, it's like $5. In some cases it's pre-applied and not always the best, so look up how to apply thermal paste and apply yourself if you like.  Anti-Static wrist band, most people will tell you that they have never had a problem without it. I never have. Again, they're not that expensive so if you're concerned about it...get one for the piece of mind. 

What are you going to be using this PC for, also what is your budget?

  1. The motherboard will need a bios update to work with a 4790k Unless if these motherboards support bios flashing without a cpu that's going to be an issue, just stick with Z97 and make it easy on yourself.
  2. If this pc is for gaming only, which i'm assuming it is based on the 8 gigs of ram, an i5 will do the job just fine very few games will utilize hyper threading however more games support more cores all the time (with only a 5 fps ish gain with more cores) so with that said i7 is a good choice but if you want to save money i5 will do the trick
  3. Ram with speeds over 1600 mhz (not sure what you plan to get since you didn't say) will require an overclock to the memory controller. Additionally unless if it's the most cpu bound game in the history of games you won't see a performance gain over 1600 mhz ram.
  4. Corsair psus are good except the cx series. EVGA makes a 500w bronze psu that's 35-50 bucks i've tortured this thing with 500w loads and it's still working over a year later.
  5. I suggest Crucial mx100 for a cheaper ssd or if you want the best Samsung 850 evo is what I just got for my new build it's wonderful.
  6. Are you getting a hard drive too or just that ssd? 256 GB is lacking. I trust WD and Seagate hard drive, I had a 7200 rpm Seagate laptop drive that had been thrown punched etc that still worked, and just yesterday I dropped a Seagate drive above 4 feet on accident and still works fine lol.
  7. I personally don't use an anti static wrist band i just use the touch your case method, i work with my pcs on carpet in socks and it goes just fine.


Sorry for not specifying, but I am going to use this computer for gaming.

Thanks for your helpful comment.

1. I'll stick with a Z97 thanks for the tip.

2. I think I will choose the i7 so that I don't have to update my Cpu later.

3. What speed of RAM is recommended? 

4. Probably going to get a Corsair Psus 600 W then.

5. Thanks I will add another hard drive later but for now a cheap SSD will do, so the Crucial mx100 it is.

Thank you very much for the help!


Okay I updated my build:

Here is the link:

I'm going to add another hard drive later.

I couldn't find the motherboard on pcpartpicker, so here it is:

Couldn't find the monitor either:

I want to go for a cheap good gaming monitor, I can always buy a better one later.

And finally, do you guys know a good, cheap case? Preferably with a window.


That's all, If you guys have any tips on saving money or better parts I would appreciate it.

Thank you