First PC Build

Hello everyone,

I posted a couple days ago with a computer build stating that it is to be my first ever, and I'd like to thanks MisteryAngel for the initial help! After taking those comments into consideration I've configured a new rig and am hoping to get some feedback from a few different people if possible.

This thing is going to be primarily for 3D modeling and rendering using a combination of software such as Rhino, 3DS Max, Maya, AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, Maxwell Render, VRay Render and perhaps other plugins for those programs such as Grasshopper and such. I will be doing some gaming on the side with this also, though I think that whatever I'll be needing for what I mentioned above should suffice for games such as DOTA, Skyrim, and of course Minecraft. 

This is a budget build, I'm trying to keep it under $800.00 because I'm a broke college student who lives at home, so please keep this in mind, but I have tried to put the dollars and cents where they count!



Now, a couple things to note, I will be upgrading the RAM by adding another stick in a couple weeks when I have a bit more walking around money, which is why I went with a 1x8GB. Also, he power supply has already been ordered because there was an awesome deal and after rebate I'm looking at a final price tag of $50.00 for +80Gold 750W, which gives me some headroom for maybe a second graphics card later on when I start doing heavy rendering and gaming and such.

Thanks in advance, I've found this magical new place so helpful already, and am looking forward to some good insight from the pros on here!

H97 chipset only supports one GPU. If you want dual graphics, this build.

Changed the storage, because of better reputation. The motherboard you chose is good, but a bit too expensive for H97, given the GPU limitation. Added a case fan, because the case only has one preinstalled.

Not sure about the RAM idea (i did the same thing, still running 1x8 GB). There's no guarantee that two sticks bought separately will work together in dual channel, even if you get the same model (be sure to get something that will stay on the market for a long time). Chances of them not working are small, but they exist.

Before rebates and even after, it's over budget, but..oh well.

There's quite a few H97 chipsets that support crossfire, which he's got an AMD GPU listed, and can run... there's none that support SLI, however...

I like the SSD change, but I'd still get a 2x4GB ram set... you've got 4 slots if you want 16 later...i do think he'll want 16GB for the use... but I'd either save up for a 2x8 or buy another 2x4 set later... it's much less likely to cause a problem if the channel lanes aren't mismatched... 

However, If he isn't PLANNING on Xfire (which is almost strictly for gaming, very few 3D apps support it without running full-screen mode, there's WAYS around it, but they're ridiculous)... I'd get a better PSU...

This is what I'd build...

EDIT: annnnd you already ordered the PSU... oh wells...

Well, it was about the way pci-e lanes are split. x16 to x8 + x8 is cf / sli capable. I know amd cards can run on x4, but x16 + x4 crossfire wasn't exactly a viable combination.  The price difference between the motherboards was ~ $30.

Also, judging by the specs an a handful of reviews, that psu seems solid, even for two 280's.

About the dual gpu setups you have a good point definitely. But i dont think that a dual gpu setup would be realy interessting for op. BUt sure its something to take in concideration.

I´m personaly not realy a big fan of a dual gpu setup in the first place, some games that are good optimized for it, will run great. But there are also allot of games which are still a pain in the ass with CF or Sli.

About Rosewill psu´s, as far as i know, they are totaly fine. atleast the single rail capstone models. The boards inside are Super Flower, as far as i know, very reputable brand.

A psu can allways fail, no matter which brand.

XFX units are indeed sollid aswell, same as coolermaster VSM, some Corsairs, Enermax, Seasonic. EVGA single rail models.

This review is from: Rosewill CAPSTONE-750 750W Continuous @ 50°C, Intel Haswell Ready, 80 PLUS GOLD, ATX12V v2.31 & EPS12V v2.92, SLI/CrossFire Ready, Active PFC Power Supply

Pros: none.

Cons: had my computer on for an hour after building it and the power supply exploded

This review is from: Rosewill CAPSTONE-750 750W Continuous @ 50°C, Intel Haswell Ready, 80 PLUS GOLD, ATX12V v2.31 & EPS12V v2.92, SLI/CrossFire Ready, Active PFC Power Supply

Pros: It was cheap

Cons: Not a quality product

Other Thoughts: I would not buy this product. I put it in, had everything set up correctly, and it surged. I talked to Rosewill, and I told them what happened. They insisted that they have surge protection built into it, but I do not believe them. It fried two 300 dollar working graphics cards. They could do nothing about it, and as I started to raise my voice, they said I need a receipt for them, and I no longer had it. They were not brand new, I had bought them a year or so prior. I was like they worked before I put them in. 
I decided to give this brand a test, and I am regretting it. I have not had the time to put the desktop back together. I have bought a corsair psu, a brand I trust. I am just hoping when it is all put back together, I do not find out it fried either my memory, cpu, motherboard, or hard drive. I would not buy this product, I do not trust it. Rosewill even lied when they sent the RMA information to Newegg. They said it blew out after 3 months of use, but it surged, and I had it installed for not even a half hour, as soon as I turned it on, it surged. They said nothing about how it fried two graphics card. Not trustworthy at all in my eyes. Will add this is not my first time at the dance, I know what I am doing.

This review is from: Rosewill CAPSTONE-750 750W Continuous @ 50°C, Intel Haswell Ready, 80 PLUS GOLD, ATX12V v2.31 & EPS12V v2.92, SLI/CrossFire Ready, Active PFC Power Supply

Pros: Worked great for the first couple of weeks.

Cons: Destroyed my PC.

Didn't change any settings in BIOS (No overclocking at all). Came home after work, sat down, computer shuts off, Turn it back on and one of my fans popped with black smoke, sparks and black smoke from my GPU and nothing ever booted afterward.

Surge protector on my outlet was functioning correctly. Nothing else connected to it was damaged.

Replaced it with the old PSU with no effect. Everything is totaled...

Other Thoughts: I bought this product because of the great reviews. Now I'm out a PC worth more than a thousand dollars. Thanks a lot Rosewill...


Good power supplies don't have these... you can look at any XFX or Seasonic 1-star review and NEVER see one of these... there will ALL be DOAs... never a melted system... I'm not saying it's a godawful impending disaster... but meh... that's the kind of shit that can happen cheaping on a PSU...

Not trying to scare OP, just saying...

OP aside, you scared me too, lol. Killing the whole pc or smoke & stuff... i guess it's bad luck (horribly bad in those cases). Not every single unit is good. My psu still serves me well, but the same model has dissapointed others. 

*turns and walks out of the thread fully prepared to not look back at any explosions that may occur*



Well i will take a closer look to those two user reviews, this is the first time i have readed such a bad review about rosewill capstones.

Must be a lot of defective power supplies...

Well you have successfully scared the crap out of me... Maybe I'll return this product instantly... 

To be fair... that was obviously cherry-picked ridiculous awful luck...

but also to be fair... I looked up several Seasonic and XFX ones and never saw a meltdown 1 star review... all the 1-stars are DOA...

DOAs happen, mishandling during shipment, etc... I agree on the surface the specs look great... I just don't trust Rosewill's quality control...

See its information like this that led me to buy it, now I don't know... Maybe I'll still trust it

Just to clarify for myself, the original motherboard I had does support two graphics cards through crossfire, which could very well be an option for me in a year or less given that my xbox 360 can only last so long :'D I looked into it and it seems like it would, I just want to be absolutely sure.