First PC Build

Hey everyone. I just got into PC building about a month ago. I watched a ton of videos online and did some research, and found building PCs to be even more fun than gaming, which is what I wanted a PC for in the first place, as well as for editing simple YouTube videos that I may create in the future as well as streaming

Please do let me know what you think of the build, or feel free to ask questions below. I had planned on using that build for PC gaming (games such as Minecraft, CS:GO, DayZ, COD, various other games that I may come across) and streaming and rendering like I said. I did get the K version of the processor and added an after market water cooler because I may dabble around with overclocking when I feel confident in my ability to do it. I've never done it before nor do I know how to yet, but having the option is always great.

I can imagine people seeing problems with perhaps the motherboard of all parts. The motherboard is where my knowledge lacks the most, which is why I posted this build here as well to hopefully get some feedback on why that motherboard may not be the one to go with.

If money is a issue I understand however I would change a few things. And I will give you my reasons. 1. If your interested in video editing I would suggest the Xeon 1230 V3. Or if you change your board to a Z97 Xeon 1231 V3. There i7 with out the integrated graphics. You won't need it because you are buying one.  If you want to overclock and i7 4770K. Or once again if you go Z97 i7 4790K.

For the same price of that board. Get this one instead.

Better audio, and seeing that your going with a GTX 760. It supports SLI so you can get another 760 down the road and pair them if you want to. You also not limited to Haswell but also use Intel's Devils Canyon and the upcoming Maxwell if you want.

Ditch the Astro A40's they used to be the king back in the day for gaming headsets. But today they get by on name only. I do own a pair so I'm not talking out my ass. Your really just paying for the name these days. For a gaming head set best bang for the buck is the Hyper X Cloud. I just got them and they are so good. They have memory foam. Both cloth and leather ear pads. There built just as good as Astros. And use audio grade drivers from beyerdynamic. So sound way better. You do need a bit more power for them than Astros. There 60 ohms. But the mother board I showed you has a headphone amp that can power 600ohm headphones.There 70$ on amazon right now. With a normal list of 150$

And also loose the mix amp. Its strait up a waste of money. Most games support Binaural audio on PC anyway. All the mix amp does is take 5.1 surround and resample it as Binaural. For games that don't support this and say only 7.1 you can use Razer Surround for free and it does the same thing. Also the Mix amp only works with Optical. Most PC's only support 2 channel audio out of optical. If you do find a board that supports it. Optical 5.1 is at a much lower and compressed format than just letting your onboard audio handle it. If you used Razer surround or Binaural you would have uncompressed or loss less audio in your ear holes. Mix amps are a waste on PC.

Or you could use the extra money for an i7. Or get a Audio grade headphones and a mod mic.

Other than that build looks good have fun.

Thanks for replying. I changed up the case and the current build looks like this, I did this before I saw your reply:

Also I figured the headset would be a problem. Coming from console gaming on the eSports side of things, the Astros have been the dominant headset for a long time so I naturally threw those in. I'll definitely check the other headset though, especially if it's cheaper. In my opinion, $250 is absurd for a headset. 

I would prefer to have a motherboard that's either manufactured by Asus or Gigabyte simply because of customer service and warranty purposes. I've heard from numerous people that other manufacturers simply didn't compare in that aspect. Would you happen to have a recommendation for a motherboard from either Gigabyte or Asus?

If you are looking for good quality audio on both end's I would definitely suggest you pick up a dedicated pair of headphones and mic, such as these



This is a good combo that alot of people use and love, and it fit's ion the price range if your willing to pay that much. Trust me, you would rather have these than astros, they break in a heartbeat because there build quality is terrible and they are also very uncomfortable for long gaming session's(which I assume you will have with such an awesome build.


Oh that is definitely do-able. I would imagine that mic would be great for commentary as well, or just for any type of video. A headset and mic will likely be the last of what I get anyways, so I can save up the money for just about whatever. Thanks for the feedback though. The only change I might make to the build is to upgrade to an i7.

This is the updated build as of now. I made the upgrade to an i7-4770K. This computer will probably be a god (to me at least since I have never owned a PC of even a $500 magnitude).

Consider Z97 and a i7-4790k.  It's a refresh of the 4770k and Z87, but has some nice improvements.

I have not used a Gigabyte board in years. Way back like in single core days. And it be honest. Two of my friend have them and both have had issues. May be a fluke. But my one friend that did have to RMA his board did not have to pay anything I think.

But it did take two weeks to get one. MSi is ok. The board I showed you is there top board. It uses 10K caps. Great audio and is on par with the ASUS ROG line of 200$ motherboards.

ASUS warranty is great. For the same price you can find a Z97-A. I can vouch for this board I have a buddy that is overclocking a Pentium to 4.7Ghz on it now. It uses 5k caps and runs well. If you don't mind spending more and warranty and reliability is important to you. You can go with the Z87 or 97 TUF series sabertooth boards. They have a 5 year warranty they use 10K caps hi end chokes. Are pre tested before there sold. And is highly recommended by Wendell that owns 6000 PC now. 

Well I think its 6000.


And don't get AIO 's they are poop , get yourself a noctua coooler, whatever is is your pricerange ( ot a dark rock advanced )

And also buy the z97 + refresh cpu .

Instead of getting an i7 , get yourself a better gpu , the 760 is sort of poop , atleast a r9 280 / 280x

For my purposes, the GPU currently installed is more than enough. I'm also on a budget believe it or not, I'm trying to keep parts all underneath the $300 mark except for the CPU. However, could you provide more reasoning behind the changes you suggested, and explain why you suggested them?

I did end up changing the motherboard to an Asus Maximus VI Hero ATX LGA1150 Motherboard. Let me know what your thoughts are on that board when you get the chance. I'm going to get the higher end i7 processor and keep the GPU the same since I can't really afford to go much higher on it, and it'll definitely do for my purposes. I was going to go with a Sabertooth, but it's just slightly out of my price range with all the other parts sadly.

Alright, this is the final build that I ended up with. Going with the higher end i7 really does push my budget, at this point I cannot upgrade any parts. I can move money around and downgrade some parts, but with this CPU, there is no more upgrading.

You really need a Z97 board for 4790K. The ROG boards form ASUS are good. I don't use them because I think there overpriced. Its past my personal thresh hold of what I would pay for a board. If you don't mind paying for it. Its a really good board with some nice extras. 

There are a couple of advantages with the new haswell refresh.  You'll usually be able to overclock higher since Intel has begun using much better thermal paste in the i5-4690k(and other haswell refresh chips).  You are no longer as limited to the thermals as with previous haswell chips.  There are other small tweaks such as the addition of a couple of components for better overclockability.  I have also heard that Z87 is a bit flaky with the new haswell refresh, so I would suggest Z97 if you are going to go with a haswell refresh chip.

I did a bit of price slimming to be easier on the budget.

You really want Z97 with the haswell refresh.

Smaller case.  You only need a mid tower(a full tower is really big).

Cheaper, faster memory from a good brand.

Personally, I'd get an i5-4690k and get a R9 280X or GTX 770.  It'll be more powerful when playing games, and should stream just fine with AMD's Game DVR or NVIDIA's Shadowplay.  An i5 will work for light video editing/rendering as well.

Also consider picking up a CPU cooler if you want to overclock right off the bat.

I actually made most of those changes while I was MIA from this thread, except for the motherboard. That motherboard is actually cheaper than the one I had planned on going with, so thank you for that suggestion.

For my purposes, I don't really need to overclock. But I may eventually purchase a cooler to do just that. Safe experimentation is always fun.