First PC Build

First off i dont need a hard drive because i already have a 1tb western digital in my HP computer that im going 2 transfer once I get this PC

My budget is 700$    Here is the one i made any thoughts on it?



if you want to oc i recommend a hyper 212 evo. i have one and it's really good. ~30$.

take a look at a ssd. if you never have one you don't need one. if you have one you won't go back.

that 280 for that price.


you can't just build your pc and put the hdd in and boot into windows. you need to reinstall windows. if you have windows on a hp disc you probably need to buy windows if you want windows.

How about this ?

you can use your hp hdd. you just need to make a backup if you want your pictures etc and use windows on that. the fx 6300 is good but i dislike every 970 chipset except the m5a97 EVO R2.0 (the 970a-ud3 is to ugly:). the rest is shit especialy the msi ones. the fx 6300 doesn't need that much power but the motherboard have pretty bad power phase designs. the fx 8320 is really alot better than the fx 6300.

damn prices. the 280 is 25$ more:( get this one

760 is really good. i think it's even better than a 280 for the price on stock clocks.


this will be great:

take a nice looking case. ik like the nzxt 220. you have 60$ for the case

yup, we have a winner! lol

+1. i have a performance board from asrock and this one looks really good.

I changed Some Tech Noobs build slightly, so you can fit a gtx 770 in


I would consider it worth.