First PC build

I am looking to build a gaming pc/editing pc.   I will be playing games such as, bf3, bf4, minecraft, tomb raider, crysis 3, and metro 2033.  Also for video editing i sill be using sony vegas pro 12.  I do have a budget of around $1400 (i will be going to microcenter)  But anyways here is what i have in mind...

If you guys have any improvements on this build please let me no.  Thanks :)


looks good!  those are some good high quality parts.

Ok thanks man.

Now, I'm no expert on PC building, but I'm currently building my own, and your build setup is very, very similar to mine. And I've gotten some feedback on mine, I can't comment that much on the editing aspect, but as far as the gaming part goes, your gonna have a great time. Assuming you're playing on 1080p that is. Should have no problems running those games smoothly on high settings(that i know of).

The gigabyte board seems to have iffy reviews.

Good Parts Really hard to improve.