First PC build

Hey guys, I just wanted you know your opinions on this build. it will be my first, so go easy on me. Also, this is a budget build. I haven’t spent more than $450 on this, but i will be upgrading over time.

CPU- AMD FX 4200, 3.8 GHz, 4 cores

Mobo- Gigabyte GA-78LMT w/ integrated ATI Radeon 3000 graphics

GPU- no GPU (yet)

Memory- 4gb of ddr3 1333 MHz Kingston RAM

HDD- 80GB Seagate Barracuda (i plan on upgrading this to a SSD)

PSU- im using a Raidmax PSU that came with the case. I know, its stock, and yes, this is going to be the first part i upgrade.

Once again, im on a pretty tight budget since im a highschool student with a minimum wage job. Im not complaining, its just that I don’t have boatloads of $ laying around, and i do plan on upgrading this over time. i based this off of the Kill Your Console build that Tek Syndicate did and only spent $350.

Please, i want your guys input on what needs to be upgraded, since this is my first build, and im a noob to all of this.

Thanks a ton!



while i appreciate you making that list, i meant that i have MOST of the parts listed above already...sorry if I want clear. although, the graphics card you chose is exactly what im looking for (at least for now). Thanks!

Well you'll definitely need a better gpu if you plan to use recent titles at a good setting. I'm currently using the asus gtx760 dcu2 oc. You might be better off going for an apu as it's more cost effective in my opinion and experience then getting dedicated graphics later. 

8GB memory would be more sufficient and the price isn't too different. I'm using 8GB of G.Skill Ripjaws X memory at 2133 MHz which I recommend. 

SSD's are brilliant, I've just got the Adata SX900 128GB and its crazy how fast everything runs now. 

What case are you getting? You didn't mention.. 

Anyway right now it looks pretty good but if you haven't already bought or are still in the return period i'd consider swaping a few components to save money in the long run. Feel free to ask any questions about any problems you have. The community are really nice here. (they helped me alot on my build) 

Nord's build except you swap the video card with this one ( ) and there you go,you have a decent gaming build.



link to the case and PSU

i completely agree with you about memory. its just i kinda got suckered out on that one, but i plan on upgrading that when i upgrade the PSU which will be at the end of this month.The memory i was looking at getting is in the link below.

and yes, almost all parts have been ordered, but only the case and my heatsink are here. But, all parts except the CPU i can return.

Thanks! i looked around at different cards, and I couldn’t really decide what would be best... so i came here.

you're welcome,it's the best 7770,it's clocked at 1.1ghz and it has two great fans,plus it looks fantastic. I recommend it 100%.

Also, i dont plan on playing "heavy" games (i.e BF4, Crysis). just indies and light weight games. Probably the occasional Half-Life, but not until i upgrade the PC.