First pc build

I am planning on building a pc around christmas time. This is my first time and first time not having a macintosh but I'm fed up with wineskin wrappers to play pc games. For my budget I would like to keep it around 1300 or less. Please leave any suggestions and thanks to anyone that can help.

My build -

Will this work good if I plan on over clocking and with my case do I need to purchase additional fans to keep low temps.? Also with the r9 290 should I wait for it to be offered with a better cooling or buy it now and get a Arctic's Accelero Xtreme III which I read works well with the 290? 

Seems ok.

Waiting for better cooling is entirely up to you. I only grab reference cards to throw a waterblock on. The reference coolers used by amd are shite too say the least. Noisy.... well I suppose that will hide the coil whine at least.

I would like to water cool my pc but it is rather expensive since I would want to include the gpu also in the loop but I don't have the money to spare really. It would cost about $400 after adding in the gpu correct?

Not the best case to use for a custom loop imho. Very limited in regard to radiator space. A 240 at the front and either a 120 at the rear / or offset 240 in the top (will look a little odd but should work).

If it were me with that case I'd - remove all the hdd cages and just run them in a 5.25 bay(via adapter), run something like a rx240 or like in the front + rx120 at the rear. Pump and tube res + blocks. Would come close to $400 in wc parts by the time you add in shipping etc.

Even if you water cool just the cpu or gpu first, its no drama in adding in the second component to the loop at a later date. Will be an incentive to clean the loop anyways.

if it's your first build... I'd really not concern myself with watercooling... learn to build a PC first... next PC, if you want to add all the bells and whistles then have at it... air cooled PC's run at very reasonable temps at high stress and they're infinitely easier to install and maintain...

with $1300 your options aren't really very limited... especially if you look for good deals as they come

Ya I have decided to stick with air cooling for now. With the Fractal Design Define r4 would the stock fans be good enough or should I buy better ones? Since I will be OCing I want to make sure temperatures will not be a problem. Btw after reading around some more I decided to switched my i5 3570k for i5 4670k.

Define R4 comes with FD's Silent Series fans.  I fine them pretty good for case fans.

They should not be a problem.

Build looks pretty good to me.