First PC build

Hi I am new to building a PC and seeing if these parts are compatable 

CPU: Intel Core i5-2500k Sandybridge

Motherboard: ASrock z77 extreme4

PSU: Corsair hx series hx750 atx12v 

GPU: His Iceq 7870 Raedon HD 2gb GHZ edition

RAM: Corsair Vengance 8gbs 

HDD: Segate Baraccuda 2tb

Heatsink: XIGMATEK Gaia sd1283 

Case: NZXT Phantom 410

I would love to know if these parts will work together!  


Not able to right now, but if I were you; I would double, maybe tripple check the socket on the MOBO and core, just to make sure. and then check the PSU, just to make sure it's up to scratch.

  OK, I looked up everything you had listed for your build and these are the links to those parts. The board and CPU socket are both 1155 and the RAM will fit just fine. The power supply is powerful enough to drive this system without any problems. I personally have been looking at the GPU you have picked out as the operating temperatures are just awesome and with 2GB of 256bit DDR5 memory how can you go wrong. My only concern is will the CPU cooler fit inside this case. My feeling is that it will but take the links I have given you and check out the measurement specs. Hope this has helped and have fun with your build.


Sweet!!!! Thanks!


go with a 3570k they are cheeper at many retailers than the 2500k at this point unless your getting it for under 175 and saving 50-60 bucks their is no point on getting a last gen part

Here is the comparison between the 2 processors according to Newegg.|19-116-504^19-116-504-TS%2C19-115-072^19-115-072-02%23