First PC Build

Well i have an entry level computer i just added a graphics card to so i could play online games without lagging, but now that im getting into PC gaming, i need a new system. I have had a PS3 for years and its been good to me but since ive been shown the light of the PC gaming master race, i cant go back. So here is my proposed build, ive been doing research for the last 8 months nearly every day.

i7 3770K @ 4.8Ghz

Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3 Z77

G.Skill Sniper series 2x4GB 2133mhz CL9 (adds room to upgrade to 16GB)

Asus GTX 670 DCII

Corsair H100 (unless Cooler Master Eisberg 240 comes out soon)

NZXT Switch 810 (Matt black, painting white fans green)

Western Digital RE4 Black 1TB 7200rpm

Samsung 840 Pro 128GB

OZC ModXStream Pro 600W (upgrade to Corsair AX 750/Seasonic Platinum 760 later)

I already bought the OCZ power supply for my current Radeon 6670 graphics card, and its fine for now. I like the Switch 810 for its large size and water cooling possibilities, my second choice would be the Corsair C70. I am going with an i7 because i like to do 3D modeling in Cinema 4D and Photoshop CS6. The motherboard may be a bit overkill but it has many features i want, and is good for overclocking. Opinions are welcome.


My opinion, Not bad sir. My build is listed in my profile. If you got that kind of cash go for it!

I have the c70. It's great and all for maximum cooling and the cable routing options in the back are amazing, however a lot get a little banged up just a tad in shipping for some reason.. Mine had a little dent on top, nothing I couldn't fix with a few love taps from a hammer. Almost every intake is filtered on it and the case doesn't take up too much space.

Yes i do like the Corsair C70, i have seen several reviews and a friend bought one himself. It has support for an H100 and is large enough for anyone really. I have not seen any quality water cooling configurations in it, it does have support for a 240 up top and a 240 on the front or bottom, which is alright for one cpu and gpu.