First PC build two choices

Thinking of this or this the only difference is the graphic cards sizes

Well for starters you cant overclock that CPU so you really won't not need the cpu cooler. Just use the stock intel one. For the graphics cards, both of these are overkill for a 1080p gaming build. If you are staying at 1080p get something like a 280x which will have much better bang for your buck. If you plan on moving up to 1440p soon then the 290x with 4gb of memory should be fine and only if you plan on moving to 4k soon should you get the 290x with 8gb of memory. Otherwise it is just overkill

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cpu temps shouldn't be a issue
H-Board with a locked cpu.

84tdp part. 72c thermal cutoff
reading the web. that chip runs upto 65c underload on the stock cooler
so cpu cooler might not be a bad idea. just don't spend alot figuring its not a overclocking part
for the gpu the 8gig version of the 290x is generally useless for none productivity or
someone who just loads a crap ton of instances of gpu bound games,
as for maybe a lower gpu. the 290x isn't the most powerful in the 1080p area. but
more and more games allow scaling,
"rendering larger then you screen resolution then downscale the higher detailed frames to your screen"
makes some games look better and given you have the gpu horsepower to do it.

i'll be doing a bit of productivity and playing around with ue4 and a few other programs that give my laptop hell

then the 8 gigs of vram could be handy when running multiple graphical tasks
. just remember to check with the program you use
as some work better with cuda cores then steam cores.

just sad when i see 1080p/1440p
with a 8gig 290x
as the card is just underused in that case

  • Change that ssd to something like a samsung 850, intel 530, crucial mx and a few others. Those kingston drives are turds.
  • 8gb gpu and not 4k = waste of money, 4gb 290/x is plenty, but if you wait just a little more time you'll pick up a dirt cheap 2xx gpu once the 3xx series is released. -- grab one before retailers send em back for 3 series re-badging.
  • matx board in atx case, just no.
  • aftermarket cpu cooler isnt need with that cpu.
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