First PC Build. Parts List and MoBo Question

Here's the parts list.  I'll admit I stole the build mostly from Logical Increments.


What I'm using this machine for:

some gaming, but I'll still be playing most new games on console.  Also this will be a media center and server so my laptop can access my movies and music.  I would also possibly dual boot it, using Linux as the server OS and Win7 as the gaming and web browsing OS.  All of that being said, I think I'm going to need to add a wifi card to this build which I know nothing about, but I would prefer a wifi card over an ugly dongle.


Misc Questions:

In the Newegg build a PC tutorial, the guy mentioned that not only does the CPU need to match the socket on the motherboard but also needs the match the chipset.  This is the only place I've heard this.  How much truth is there to that and how do I find out if the chipset matches the CPU?

Some people use them and some don't, so, do I need an antistatic wrist strap?

In his How to build a PC video, Logan mentioned "you will hear some crunching" when installing the CPU.  Is the crunching an Intel thing, or would I hear it while installing an AMD CPU also?  I'm also curious, does that mean the CPU can't be w=switched out later on?  The idea of "crunching" makes me think that the connection between the CPU and the socket is meant to be permanent.

edit: My biggest question right now is how I can tell what ports and components are on a motherboard.  It seems the ads only give cursory overviews of each mobo.

this is about 10 more dollars than the previous ram but 8 gigs will get your performance up a bit more:

yes that cpu will work with that motherboard

the Crunching sound is an intel thing because the pins are on the motherboard, on amd cpus the pins are on the processor, with amd its just a smooth insert into the socket before you lock it down, since with intel the contacts are on the cpu that crunching sound is the processor making contact with the pins on the motherboard, and the cpu can be removed later just be careful not to bend any pins on the motherboard socket in the process. if you check around the internet alot of people got scared from this occurrence with intel cpus.

Jammy, thanks so much for the input.

I've switched the mother board for one with another PCIe slot so I can put a wifi card in later.  This is the new parts list.

I just used the pic to be sure there are enough PCIe slots, but there's no place in the specs to know that there's another on the board.  How can I know if there's enough PCIe slots or enough USB 3.0 ports?  Under USB 3.0 it just says 'yes'.

How the heck are you supposed to know what's really on a MoBo?

To answer the anti-static wristband question, you don't need one. The only time you'd wanna use one is if you have carpet or other materials which will build static around while you're putting your build together. I have tile flooring so I don't have a thing to worry about. Even if you do have carpet and whatnot, you can just discharge yourself by touching some piece of metal. Just make sure not to touch any of your components (especially the motherboard) if you think you have a charge going.

I hope your new build goes well!

Thanks dude.

This should answer your questions.
You can usually find all the specs and whatnot for hardware on the manufacturer's  website.

Thanks a lot man.  that really does help.