First Pc Build looking to lower costs?

Hello i have recently decided to build my own custom pc, on this machine i will be editing in programs such as premiere pro after affects etc...  and doing a lot of gaming. (if preferred gaming is more important to me than editing). These are the specs on the machine i was looking to build...

zalman z11 case= £51.98

intel i5 3570k= £168.94

asus p8z77-v lk= £93.97

corsair vengeance 8gb (2x4gb) =£33.99

geforce gtx 550 ti= £95.99

novatech powerstation edition 750w= £64.56

western digital caviar black 1tb= £74.95 

kingston hyperx3k 120gb= £81.20

some sony dvd drive= £17.44

Total= £683.02

I am looking to lower the overall cost of this machine because i am only 14 years old and finding money at my age is HARD. I was thinking of going to the AMD side which i know is cheaper but i dont know why but i just think it will be slower, from some comparisons and reviews of some AMD processors. Its a hard decision spend more and get more performance and upgradeability (i7 etc..) or save money and possibly get less performance??? 

any tips/good builds will be appreciated.

Thanks Luke :) 

Is that a own brand psu? AVOID! You can get a decent one for the same sort of money corsair, xfx, seasonic, antec and coolermaster. And you can reduce cost by getting a 550w(£48) which is pleanty for that computer.

If you are building a gaming focused rig you should be spending about twice the amount of the cpu on the gfx ie £100 cpu = £200 gfx most games are gfx bound not cpu bound so here with the 550ti your games will look like crap while your very nice cpu does nothing.

Amd is fine for the low to mid range but it doesnt really have anything high end. Amds new Vishera Core is supposed to be really good and actualy makes amd compeditive to intel.

With that in mind i suggest you go down one of two routes

Get a G860(£50) a cheap cpu but should be enough to handle 99% of the latest games at ultra settings and so on no problem, and then the idea is you can get an upgrade to the 3570 next year. Then get a 660 ti(£225) and use cuda for rendering. You can save a bit on the mobo with a Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H (£77)

Or spend a bit more and get an amd thats decent like FX 6300(£100) and hd 7870 (£180) the 7870 is better than the 660 ti and the FX 6300 is 6 of amds new cores and should be able to render really well. For mobo Asus M5A97 R2.068) Also you will NEED 1866 ram for this amd but it shouldent cost much if any more.

They should both do what you want equaly well but the amd version will last a bit longer thanks to the better cpu but it has no upgrade path when the cpu starts to under perform you will need to buy new mobo and so on.

Same as flux.. dont get  that nasty psu :(

Maybe not get an SSD or get a smaller one, I own one and really there not that amazing, if your desperate to boot 30 seconds faster spend the extra £81.20. Also you really should get a better graphics card I suggest a GTX 660 and maybe tone down your CPU to an i3 3220

Thanks flux thats helped me out alot, but could you tell me how much a 550w psu could handle because i want a beefy one now for future upgrades, but if the 550w can handle alot then i might not need such a beefy one. THANKS

Take a look at maplins for the PC bundles I.E MB , Pro , Ram they had some great deals there last time i looked.


sorry for any spelling or grammer mistakes they kicked me out of school


P.S the B-grade items are way cheaper as well and still hold a 12 month warranty and look for there discount codes on google .