First PC Build, Help?

Hey guys, I've been thinking of building a PC lately and I've come to find that the Tek Sydacite forums are great when need help. My build will be mainly for gaming. I play games like Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, and I'm thinking of going into some more graphic intensive games like Crysis 3. I am trying to get a build that will atleast play these games on medium or up. I have searched and searched everywhere putting these two builds togethers.

This build is my cheap build for if I am in a rush to get a computer. It is probaly the build that will not make my wallet a void but is still enough to play low to medium graphics.

This second build is the build I will use if my friends aren't jerks bragging about playing games on the best graphics on the newest games.

I want to know if there are any problems with compatibilty, better bang for your bucks items, etc. I am pretty OCD about things so I would like it if the items in my case were matching. Blue preferbly. I like slick clean looking cases like the ones I've chosen. Obviously white is my favorite. If you find parts that don't match, but are so much better that they are a must then go ahead and throw it into the build.

I thank you guys for looking at this and helping.

Your first build is highly flawed. you have included a CPU and CPU fan thet are suited best for overclocking, but have included a cheap motherboard, which you can't overclock on. Your second build is alright, but you can still get better bang for your buck.

Give me a budget, and I will create a build for you.


If you are really willing to spend the amount of money you showed on the second build, take a look at this:

Lots and lots of very attractive blue all over the place. I do have to give it to MSI for making some damnably attractive boards. I've got one myself, although it pales dramaticallyin comparison to this beauty. And Patriot makes some of the best looking RAM on the market.