First Pc build (former console gamer) What do you think?

Hello there =),

So it is time for me to make a Gaming Computer, as I'm not convinced by the "next-gen" consoles , and because PC gaming is pretty awsome.

I wanted a good gaming pc that could last a long time and play all games at high to Ultra settings ; with the Bitfenix Prodigy design (I love that case). Since I'm in France (sorry if my english isn't perfect), I'm gonna make a list of what I've selected so far. My budget is around 750€ :

-PSU: Corsair Alimentation PC CXM Series CX500M (59,79€)

-Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Micro ATX Socket AM3+ (52,31€)

-CPU: AMD FX6300 6 cores Black Edition 3,5 GHz Socket AM3+ (99,66€)

-Case: BitFenix Prodigy M (103€)

-RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8gb 1600MHZ (69€99)

-GPU: MSI GeForce GTX760 2gb TF (223€)

-Memory: WD Caviar Blue 1to (~64€) or Seagate SSHD 1To (79€90)

+ Monitor: ASUS VX238H (164,90€)

What do you guys think? =) . It's for gaming at 1080p and at playble framerates.

thanks =)



That should work. But check around on graphic card. although the 760 is a great card, now with the new AMD cards out I might be possible to pick up a AMD Radeon 7970 for about the same price. More bang for the buck.

On Amazon (in france) the 7970 is around 300€ making only the pc cost 757€ but since I have to buy a monitor, i'm kind of "stuck" ^^ 

the 760 will definently do fine. Just recommending you should look around at other outlets than amazon. Here in Sweden I can get a 7970 for about the same price as a 760. 

If a 7970 isn't in your price range, you should see if you can afford a 7950, which is the best card price to performance wise atm, and will beat the 760.

What about this one ? Sapphire HD7950 With Boost 3Gb

I'm not too familiar with Sapphire cards, but that looks very good and after reading up on it a little I'd definitely recommend it. And if it is 199(thats what I found anyways) then that would probably be the best card for your system, and I'd probably use the saved money to get the-doesn't matter

-Ignore this-Asus M5a97 R2.0(Sorry, amazon is the only site I know of available to you), as many Gigabyte Am3+ Mobo's have gotten bad reviews and are said to have a few problems with them(not too sure about that particular model though, will get back to you).-Ignore-

Edit:Just realised I did a stupid with the motherboard, I'll see if I can find a better mATX Mobo, but that Gigabyte board is looking better now... 

So I just whatched and read some reviews : they just perform the same, It's just branding and little thing.
I prefer Nvidia things like Geforce Experience , PhysX , GPU boost, etc etc. AMD seems more limited...

I might be wrong as well. ^^

With AMD's mantle Api coming out soon. AMD cards will get a performance boost, but nVidia cards are still very good, so you'd be good using either.

Is SSHD a good choice?

I'm not too sure tbh, I'd say go for it, but you'll probably want someone else's input on this.

Are you set on a mATX system because getting a 970 chipset would be much better for the FX6300.

  Yes I prefer mATX because the bifenix prodigy looks awesome =)

Btw i changed my mind and took an ASUS GTX760 DIRECTCUII since in france it's a little  cheaper (and the less heat the better)

Also I was searching a little more and I found this Mobo : ASUS M5A78L (pcie 3.0 works with pcie 2.0 x16 right?)

It has a lot of asus cool stuff. :)