First PC build. feedback appreciated

Hello everyone,


This will be my first build. I am the owner of a mac-PC for a while now and I would like to have a win-PC again.

I’m not aiming at a high gaming gear, but of course I will be playing some games.


My budget could go up to 1500$ Canadian, but saving is welcomed.

The parts I am showing is most likely all I will need, all peripherals are covered already.

So I just want anyones opinion if the selection of parts are great or if an alternative would fit better in the overall mix or provide benefit.

I would also like to make sure that this build got all compatible parts, just want to make sure the build doesn’t bring troubles because I chose wrong.


I did add a CPU cooler however I was wondering if it would be necessary to have one, especially if I don’t plan on over-clocking.

I went with Intel for CPU, I’ve always had Intel in the past and I’m not sure i’d like to move to AMD.

However if for a similar price I can get something with more performance please recommend.


I would also like to know if 750W PSU is to much, I already know that it is plenty, but what If I want to upgrade the PC later?

Am I missing anything? Anyway I guess that will be all, if anyone’s got any question go ahead.


Unless you would want to do SLI, I think you should cut back on the PSU. Maybe to one that is 650W possibly? Anyway, I modified your build so it is just a little over what your budget is. I changed out the PSU for a 650W 80+ Gold, Fully modular PSU and 1x8GB 1600Hz RAM. Since it looks like you are trying to keep future expansion in mind, I don't think getting 2x4GB 1600Hz RAM would be better here.

Hope this helps! If this doesn't float your boat, I am sure someone else will create something you like.


If you think High settings on many games will be good enough for you, you could try the 760 instead of the 770. Even though you won't be over-clocking, it is recommended by a lot of people that you get an after market cooler for your CPU. The one you chose will be perfect in this case. These are just a few ideas to help save you some money. Also, if you don't want to overclock at all, you could switch out the 4670K for the non-K version to save you $10.

That build will run just fine off a 550w.  750w is enough for another GTX 770.

If you aren't overclocking, don't bother with a K part.  The stock cooler on Intel isn't that bad as well.

The Xeon 1230v3 is very similar to an i7-4770.  It just has no integrated graphics.

Switched to a H87 board since you won't be overclocking.

Dual channel ram

lower wattage power supply

This is similar to "some tech noob" but its my personal take on it. It is cheaper, faster, and the parts are still of good quality if not the "best". they will certainly all last longer than you will want them around. You dont need a CPU cooler if you are not overclocking, this case is smaller than the regular define R4, but has a lot of the same features and quietness. Just put the rear case fan into the front to pull more air in through the front dust screen for best possible dust control.


Thank you for the feedback.

I did make some changes to my initial setup. I made the changes based on some of your suggestion. 

I think it will turned out to be a great build. It goes over the 1500$ but I don't really care to pay a bit more.

Too bad for trying to save, however I prefer to pay a bit more and be happy :)

here it is:

That will work just fine.  You can save some money by going with a H87 chipset board, since the Z87 chipset's features won't be utilized with a non-overclockable CPU.

Agreed, the build looks good man. With 16gb of ram though, I would look at setting up a ram drive and using it for windows and browser temp files, it speeds up daily operations and fights against OS bloat on your primary drive. You can also turn on the file paging system in windows to move all the background data transfer to the ram instead of your primary drive.

I have 16gb of ram in my current system and a ram drive setup and I have to try to hit above 50% usage. Usually I am idling at 30% usage including my 2gb ram drive. It makes everything really snappy and nice. But you can also see how 16 can be overkill. its good for certain tasks, but by no means necessary.