First PC Build - Compatibility check and Suggestions

Hello, Dylan from the UK here. Decided to upgrade my PC this year as my current build has packed in. Done a fair bit of research and talked to some friends to help me choose parts, but another opinion would be cool :).

Just to note, I'm not including RAM and HDD as I already own these. Overall the build adds up to £550. Opinions are welcome and links are below. Cheers - CPU - PSU - Case - Mobo - Graphics

I wouldn't go with a Gigabyte motherboard but that is just me, I would rather go with an ASUS or MSI motherboard.

I'd go with an FX8320 and 990FX chipset motherboard; Lower wattage PSU, with a higher efficiency; and a much better GPU.

What exactly are you going to use this computer for?

Mainly for games, college work including some video editing

Did you say video editing?  Then, yeah go with:

FX-8350 with 990fx motherboard.

The gaming performance will be decent enough, but will help a lot with video editing.

That sounds great, cheers for the advice guys :)


So here's what we're looking at now, anything I could refine in terms of graphics, case and psu? I don't really want to spend anymore

Snuck in a CPU cooler in there.  The HD 7950 is about equal in terms of performance to the GTX 760/670.