First PC Build and I Need Some Help

So I have decided to build a new PC and i already have an idea on what parts I want. But before i get into that I need to tell you guys what i need it for.

  • I will be doing a lot of video editing and animation and stuff similar to that. I mainly use Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Audition, and Cinema 4D.
  • I will be doing a lot of gaming. Mostly Skyrim, Fallout 3 and New Vegas with lots of mods and lots of indie games. I want to be able to play all of these games on Ultra/High.
  • I don't need a monitor, OS, or an hdd because i already have them.
  • I plan on overclocking (when i learn how to do it right)
  • I live in the US and i prefer using Newegg and Amazon but I am open to other reliable/trusted stores.
  • My budget is around $1250.

Here is the pcpartpicker list:

All I need now is a motherboard and other suggestions about the parts on the pcpartpicker list.

Thanks :)


Update: So I have been looking into many different motherboards and i think i have found one that i like and i think it suits my needs. Here is the updated parts list:

Do you guys think this is the best for my needs at this price point?

Thanks again


Update 2: So some things have come up and my budget is now only $1000 and i dont need a keyboard or mouse because i will just use what i have now.

First thing I questioned was: Where's the sound card?:( If you don't want to include a sound card, this board has it onboard already, but you can add on a card later. Here's the board:

I hope that you noticed that this motherboard is PCI-e, which will make everything alot easier for your first build, than if you had to connect a million different wires.


If you do want a sound card, here's one that I would use, but don't have the budget for:

Im probably gonna get a sound card later when i get more money. Why that sound card though? I dont know much about soundcards so thats why im asking.


this cpu is cheaper and it can probably be overclocked to the 8350s levels

the sabertooth mobo really good  

but if your gonna be tight on budget

this mobo is still solid 

if you're going to be using it for video editing mainly I'd spend the extra cash on an i7 and downgrade the GPU to a 270x... the hyperthreading will give you a lot less time computing outputs... the 280x is for gaming and is WAY overkill for video editing... whereas video processing is very CPU intensive...

Well, im doing about 55% gaming and 45% video editing. Sometimes i go a month or two without having any projects to work on that involve animation or video editing but sometimes i am constantly working on multiple projects at one time. And then I game whenever im not busy. So do you think i should still downgrade the GPU and go with an I7?

if I were you, I'd go with the haswell i7 and 280x... eat ramein for a couple weeks and get what you actually want... the i7 REALLY DOES perform THAT MUCH better in video editing... I do a lot of 3d modelling and mastercam work and my i5 overclocked to 4.6 does it well, but i can tell a difference at work in heavy assembly drawings and the like with a 4.6 clocked i7...

if you're talking CPU intensive graphics processing the i7 really is designed specifically for that... and justifies the splurge... my brother in law has an AMD 8 core and it takes a good 10 seconds longer to rebuild large assemblies.... to the point I hate working on his computer... just saying... if you really want to take the i7 (which literally can't be used to it's potential by anything yet) to the forefront of it potential... real life video processing is the one thing that can al least make the overclock kick in... make some good points but im still not too sure because of money concerns. Can you maybe create an updated parts list with the parts you are recomending to me and stuff?

how bout this?

Socket 2011 might also be a good idea for editing. Here's an start: i like 2011 here because you could do a 6 core down the line to really speed things up. And you don't really need the integrated graphics LGA1155 has anyway. 

But then you'd have a CPU laying around once you upgraded.  Might be annoying.

Slight change to a better motherboard.  It's also cheaper!