First Pc build Advice

Hey Teksyndicate people just needed some advice on a new mid tier gaming pc I'm trying to build

I've got a 700 dollar budget and I am having trouble making my mind up between amd and intel cpu option

The Rig I've put together so far on is this

cpu - amd phenom 965 $85 (it's on sale!!) :)

gpu - xfx 7850 1gb $180

motherboard and RAM - gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 w/ a free 8 gigs of g.skill rip jaws 1600 mhz cas 9 for - $105

WD caviar blue 500gb hard drive - $70

getting the caviar blue because my budget doesn't allow for an SSD and i don't have a spare HDD laying around

PSU - Corsair 600 watt 80+ bronze certified $70

OS - Windows 7 home premium 64 bit OEM with promo code it's $79

optical drive - LG dvd burner $16

Case - Corsair 200r $50

CPU cooler - hyper 212+ evo $35

Total - $690

Can someone critique my build? And possibly give different options on it? I prefer to order off of newegg 


:) very nice build only thing i would do is that you can get a 1tb for the same price as ythe 500gb.