First high end gaming build, whaddya think?

So I'm trying to build a high end video gaming/video editing pc. These are the specs I'm gonna go with

CPU: i7 3820

Motherboard:  ASRock X79 Extreme6

GPU: GTX 760 (ACX cooling)

PSU: XFX Pro 650W

RAM:CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB

SSD: SAMSUNG 840 Series 250GB

HDD:  Seagate barracuda 1TB  x 3



Cooler:  CORSAIR Hydro Series H100 (CWCH100) Extreme performance

comes out to around 1600. If possible I would like to go lower as long as I'm not sacrificing much quality. Let me know what you guys think! Also, dont tell me to change my socket type or anything, I've already spent a long time researching and thats what I am giong with lol


just assuming, but if you plan on raid 0, 3 barracudas and raid 0 is just asking to loose all your data

(they have a pretty high failure rate)

planing on raid 5 I think. Really still new to the RAID stuff so any info would help.Not 100 percent sure how that all works.

why a 3820, a 4770k will be a lot faster by about 20 percent so why a 3820.

You will need a few more drives for RAID 5 mate. If you are not familure with RAID then I would suggest two large drives and use RAID 0 which will just mirror them. (or 4 HDD's as two seperate pairs in RAID 0)

considering you've said this is for gaming/editing, unless you are strongly leaning towards editting, I would say you are spending too much on CPU/MB and not enough on your GPU

You dont need more than 3 discs for raid 5 (3 disc min)

Well first thing that comes to mind is the new CPU's for socket 2011 is just about to hit the  market, there is  leaked benchmarks in the wild, and  it should land within a couple of months, so if your not in  a hurry i would grab that, as the 3820 is quite an old girl and the replacement is a K seriers according to leaks.

Second seeing as you list this as a high-end gaming build, IMO you spend to little money   on  the GPU,  its a midrange one you have chosen.

3rd the Samsung  840 EVO series just hit the market, and its alot faster in  write speed on the lower capacity ones, so I would try and find that, can't seem to find it on newegg but its listed here in my region.

well I was told on another forum that the i7 4770k and Mobo really come out to about the same price as the CPU/motherboard I've chosen (which he's right cause the i7 4770k and a 160 or so mobo come out to only 10 dollars less). They said that theres no reason not to go 2011 given its upgrade potential with the 6 core cpu's already out, as well as the newer ones coming out that will support the 2011 soccket. This is some direct quotes from him when I said I was thinking about the 4770k,

 "You have a Haswell K series at 3.5GHz, but its the top/best CPU you can get for the platform. Where as the Sandy Bridge E based i7 on Socket 2011, starts at 3.6GHz, and has more Cache memory, for $40 less in price. If you aren't sure about Overclocking (which can still be done on either regardless of the CPU), then the i7 on 2011 is the better deal, you save more money, and end up with similar if not better performance, plus its the bottom of the barrel on the platform.
Taking the same list (with the 2GB GTX 760), and swapping in the 2011 board and i7 38xx into the list the total comes out to just over $1600 as well.  So its right on that teetering ledge, of whether you want to spend $1600 (give or take) on a top end Mainstream platform with top end performance, but no real further upgrades as far as CPU goes, which should be sufficient for years to come, or drop the cash for a similar performance, but bottom rung Enthusiasts platform."