First gaming rig

I need help with my first gaming rig. Anything noctua i want to keep unless the cooler can be changed with another noctua cooler. I love that motherboard so please keep it (unless you pick 8350 over 4670k)  and the ram I just kinda threw in there I just want anything that can fit that is 8gb. The case will not change. As I said before I want either the 8350 or 4670k and I want any 770. Im going for a silent gaming rig that I also do a little bit of photoshop on. For the monitor I want the BenQ XL2420T OR THE XL2720T. For the keyboard I want a mechanical keyboard with mx blues, a backlight, and a few macros would be handy but are definately not required. For the mouse I want an ergonomic right-handed mouse (palm grip) with a couple or no extra buttons. Thanks everybody!! The 8350 is a great CPU i have the 8320 which is very similar in performance. for the most part the gaming performance is the same, intel beats the amd in some games but does not justify spending that much more money, don't listen to all the hate on amd they make good cpu's that can compete with most intel cpu's , The hard drive was good but for gaming you can get get the caviar blue and save some money, The Power supply was fine good job not picking a shitty cheap one i changed it because i felt you could get away with a bronze power supply and save some money. The CPU cooler is not noctua because in this price bracket no CPU cooler comes close to the hyper 212 evo is is that good, and for gaming the noctua dh-14 is a waste of money as it is not necessary. The Graphics Card is fine that is what i plan on upgrading too actually. Case is great i switched it to the windowed version as it is much more attractive and it can be nice just looking through the window and seeing all you're components. i have the same motherboard it is good and has plenty of upgradeability without breaking the bank. the ram is good stuff i am not a expert on the clearance of the the hyper 212 evo and was wondering if the ram would get in the way of the CPU cooler so i picked low profile ram. the monitor i picked is a better version of the monitor you picked out i hear it is amazing. the keyboard is great and is cheaper than that razer crap. i have the brown version of this keyboard and i would recommend that for gaming as appose to the blues which are mainly for typing the browns are good for both. and the mouse it is amazing have it and i love it. their you go this will be a amazing system good luck, And for future reference don't be so bossy about what part's you want i understand it's you're build but people on this site are experienced builders and are more likely to pick better parts.

lol that was a pretty long paragraph. 

Get the 8320. It's pretty much a factory underclocked 8350 and being unlocked you can just crank it back up to 8350 speeds again. 

Also, get the M5A99X instead of FX. You don't need 990FX.

yea i have the M5A99X i must have picked the wrong one thanks for catching that and i agree get the 8320.

Thanks man I really appreciate it!!

No Problem nice build you have their have fun with it.

And i do recommend you go with the 8320 it is a slower 8350 and with that CPU cooler you can overclock it to 8350 speeds.