First gaming rig

This is going to be my first gaming computer. I would appriciate any advice that could be given on my setup like compatibility between parts and certain parts are too weak or even too strong for my needs. I prefer rpgs like Skyrim to shooters so having a setup that can or cannot play modern shooters isn't an issue. I would like to stay around $500.


Also since i've been using a low end pc for the past 7 years I only have windows xp(32-bit). Should I just get windows 7 home premium 64-bit? ty for any input


Yes use 64-bit windows. And I see you're comparing a Radeon HD 7870 vs a 7770... The 7870 is MUCH better than the 7770. If price is an issue, obviously go cheaper but you should really get a 7870 if it's a gaming PC.


If i spent the money for the 64-bit OS(which I don't really have a choice with) and got a Radeon 7870, would all this give okay mileage?

This build with the 7770(without the OS) cost 448$. With this card and the stronger card the price will go into the $600's, and that's without an SSD. But if the build could last a while it may be worth it.

On newegg they have the GIGABYTE GV-R787OC-2GD Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition for $229.99 with free shipping and two free games. Is the gigabyte version of this card good?

My only other concerns are is the 7870 compatible with that mobo and, is the power supply I picked good enough?

Get. The. 7870. :)

In regards to the OS, it's a must with the 64-bit OS or getting an 8gb stick is pointless as 32bit OS will only utilize three GB. As for the gigabyte version of the 7870, from what I know the card is decent - Not the top of it's class but still pretty solid. I'm not sure about the power supply and graphics cards rarely have compatability issues with motherboards, it's more the case size and if it fits next to your cooler. If you can, I'd try and work an SSD in there at some point in time (possibly down the track) as they are great for reading/writing and start up times =P

I checked, the card fits with 10mm to spare, so it's a bit of a narrow fit =P

I am going to chime in with the 64 bit OS. It is a must. A 600W power supply will be fine for the system you are building but again, go for the 7870 if you have the coin. The 7770 is an OK enough card but if you can swing the extra go for the better 7870. If this link is the power supply you are talking about don’t purchase it. It is not 80+Bronze certified and the power supply is the heart of your system.

Go for a quality power supply like Seasonic, Cooler Master or some other manufacturer who offers a good warranty. You want a single 12V rail and again I cannot stress enough to go with a minimum 80+Bronze certified PSU. This one has free shipping.

 Hope we have been some help. Not trying to scare you but I would hate to see anyone throw good money at bad. Here’s hoping you get all the parts you need for a great build.

Could someone take a look at this case, I think it may be a good replacement for the case and power supply I originally choose.

Don't know if that's a good brand but the case seems pretty nice. The built-in power supply is a 80+ Bronze cert. 650W Seasonic, seems perfect. The case says it can give support to cards up 310mm and the gigabyte 7870 is 280 according to their site. The other case apparently can only fit up to 275mm. The diablotek had some extra fans, but if this system needs any cooling its probably gonna need a cooler, not plastic fans. Not to mention I definatly couldn't use it if the graphics card didn't fit. The Blitz also has 3.0 USB and a 3-year warrenty.

I think my new build may now be:

Total - 561.27(526.27 w/rebate)

+75.96 for Open Box WIn7 Home Premium 64-bit

Optional: SSD, Water Cooler

Already have: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5", Optiarc DVD+-RW AD-7200S