First Gaming PC

Hi guys. This is my first PC build ever and I'm very excited to get into it. After a good amount research, I put together a budget build that I intend to use for the next year or so. Tell me what you guys think and what I should change or keep. I tried to keep it around the $600 range.

  • Mobo:MSI Socket FM2-A75MA-E35 [$59.91]
  • CPU:AMD Athlon X4 750K [$79.99]
  • RAM:Kingston HyperX Blu 8GB (2x4GB) 1600MHz [$64.99]
  • GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 OC 2GB [$250.29]
  • HDD:WD Blue 1TB 7200 RPM [$59.99]
  • Case:NZXT Source 210 ELITE(white) [$49.15]
  • PSU:Corsair Build Series CX 600w [$64.70]

TOTAL: $629.02

*USA ; Amazon*

Hopefully, I got some quality components for the price. According to what I've read and heard, this should be fine on 720p resolution. The most graphically intense game I will be running on this is probably Skyrim with a few mods. The rest of the games are LoL, Dota2,  Starcraft II, etc.

Thanks in advance.

Awesome, welcome to PC gaming. Thats a nice 'budget' rig!

But you should get the gtx 760 instead of the HD 7870, they are about the same price, but the 760 is much more powerfull.

Hope i helped.

Same components, slightly faster RAM, much cheaper

It seems that the only price drop in that link came from the HD7870, would you, as i do, recommend him to get the gtx 760 either way? that would keep the 600 dollars price he suggested and much more performance over the 7870!


Its up to him to decide (100 bucks is 100 bucks).

The link I provided has a cheaper 7870, cheaper RAM, cheaper hard drive, cheaper power supply and slightly cheaper case. If it was me building the rig, I'd for sure go nVidia, but from a price perspective then AMD usually gives you better performance for your money. Heres it with an ASUS GTX 760, cheaper than the price of the initial OPs build, but still $100 more than my initial suggestion. Depends on how much under / over $600 you're willing to go.

Thank you both for the insight. I think I will definitely go with the option that Paralell gave as it is less expensive and still have to buy an OS. This build is only going to be for the next year or so. Thanks again!