First Gaming PC Build

Hello all,

I am planning to build my first gaming pc instead of going for either an Xbox One or PS4. I want to build a small, inexpensive machine to begin with so I can learn from it.

My budget is around £450 as I want it to be comparable in price to an Xbox One (to persuade friends who are on the fence about what to move to next after the 360)

Currently all these items will be purchased from Amazon as I plan to take advantage of their 13 month 0% APR ,loyalty points, and Prime delivery.

I don't plan to overclock at this time, I want to get comfortable with building the machine first before tweaking too much too soon.

Any possible issues with using the below components? Am I missing something important? I am not expecting to be getting the most amazing graphics but I would like to play games such as Battlefield or Hawken at 1080p/30fps+ on a TV if possible.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Don't see anything wrong with what you picked.

But if it's the first time you're putting a PC together why not go with a standard ATX case. Easier to work with, think of the cable management. You would also have more room for upgrades, what if you decide to get an ATX motherboard in the future?

Just some thoughts. Glad you decided to build a PC instead of getting a console, oh lord!

Thank you for the advice Laughingman, the reason for the Mini ITX is that space is an issue, I want something as close to console size as possible, the Cooler Master looks to be a good size and it was a little cheaper/smaller than a BitFenix Prodigy.

I thought that a Micro ATX was quite a bit bigger but not as big as a full tower, if that's not the case what is the difference between Micro ATX and Mini ITX?

Is going with one, cheaper/more options than going with the other?

Thanks again for you help!

Sheer size and option to mount motherboards of different form factor when it comes to the case. As for motherboards, micro ATX will have more expansion slots compared to the mini ITX and also, a micro ATX motherboard will not fit in a mini ITX case. Most of the time, there is always exceptions.

I'm having a hard time finding a power supply that would fit the case you picked and that has enough watts >.<

Hopefully someone else in the forum has something in mind.

If you're getting a dedicated graphics card, I would just get a CPU, not an APU.

CPU: Athlon X4 760K.  I believe this is an AMD A10-6800K with its iGPU disabled.  The GPU inside the APU will not be used since you have a HD 7850 running everything graphically powered.

RAM: Corsair LP DDR3 2133mhz (2x4GB).  It's cheaper than a lot of the 1600mhz ram kits right now.  It's also cheaper, being at 53.49.

PSU: I think the Elite 120 Advanced should fit any regular-sized ATX PSU.  I have a Node 304, so I'm not 100% sure on the Elite 120.  I've done a bit of research and any PSU that's less than 160mm should fit.  A Corsair CX500M should work, and help a bit with cable management.

That's great news about the PSU and I didn't even realise that about the CPU so thank you for that too!