First gaming Pc build Need feedback before i buy!

Hey guys, after tons of help from people from this forums i have come to this build it total cost with everything is $1400.

I'd like you guys to tell me what you guys think before i buy it. (i like the keyboard and it's just a little extra for myself )

I only want this build to be able to play WoW and LoL on best settings without lag and just to have a strong computer so i spend a bit more then i needed.

If you guys can tell me if this is pretty good for these games and theres nothing wrong with the build it will all work smoothly etc would help a lot! Thank you guys!

P.s limiting to one place so i don't have to pay more in postage.

well first where do you live, it helps since we have so many nations of people on this site. I'm in the USA and i have a feeling you aren't so my suggestions probably wont help but i pushed a couple of these into Google and found newegg has them significantly cheaper

Oops! sorry, i'm Australian!

thanks for the quick reply. i was already half done making this list though so i kept making it. I have no idea how shopping goes for people out of the US because I've never been able to travel, anyway i made you a list on a different site staying as close to your exact list as possible, unfortunately i couldnt find the fans or case but everything else is the exact same for almost 300 less (i converted usd to aus) anyway this is what i have, good luck though, ill monitor the thread for progress


sorry about that a couple didnt get listed because newegg didnt have them (or under that listing). makes the difference probably only about 150

If you're just playing WoW and LoL, then just spend way less.