First Gaming PC Build. (Help Needed)

Hey everyone, I'm planning on building a PC to replace my xbox360 that I rarely use anymore. I'll wanna play games such as Skyrim, GTA, FIFA and a few strategy games like LOTR BFME and was wondering if this could be achieved using a relatively small budget? I've put together a build using the PC Parts Picker site and any feedback you could give would be much appreciated since I'm completely new to this, Thanks.




I would probably suggest getting a 7770 isntead of the 650, its about 10-15% faster for the same money, and you get farcry 3 for free as welland would be more than able to play the games you listed, But thats up to you.

Whatever you decide have fun with your build and welcome to pc gaming!

Thanks for the reply, I'm gonna take your advice and go for the 7770 GHz Edition and just to ask you one more question if you don't mind, do you think that games like Skyrim and GTA will look and run better on this build than on the 360?

they should run significantly better, than the 360. I have 2x 7770 in crossfire, and with a single 7770 i could play gta 4 on high @ 50-60 fps. skyrim very high @ 60-70.

Thanks again for your help, I look forward to seeing the results once I get it up and running.