First Gaming PC - $500 budget

Looking to build my first gaming pc for around 500 USD. I don't mind going a bit higher than the budget if the performance is drastically changed however I would prefer to keep it cheaper. 

I live in Qatar so everything will have to be shipped but discussing prices in USD will be a lot easier.

I currently only really play League of Legends on my shitty Macbook however am hoping that this build will be able to play Skyrim and Bioshock: Infinite on medium settings around 40 FPS. I don't know if these expectations are unrealistic so sorry if I'm really far off :P

This is what I have so far:

This is only about the computer and not any peripherals. Please suggest any and everything and thanks in advance.

I think I will get Windows 8 on it.

Seems Fine,It's very good for the money :DD

But don't overclock your CPU. Not quite up for that.

But you can overclock the GPU for moar performance.(Any motherboard could OC a GPU)

*Extra: you could improve airflow by buying a modular Power Supply. Better Heat reduction *


Could you recommend a particular modular power supply?

Stay away from the really cheap AM3+ motherboards, they tend to have issues. If you really need a cheap mobo, go with a FM2 or FM2+ with an Athion 2 x4.  Also, be sure to pick up a two module kit for your ram, as you need at least two sticks to run in dual channel.

The Corsair CX500M at about USD$44.99 :D

Agreed.  At this price point, I find FM2 a better option as the cheaper CPUs are still great performing, and a little bit more money can be put towards a better motherboard.

Dual channel RAM is also a great idea.

btw that GPU is out of stock @ newegg.

I agree with the dual channel. so get two 4gb memorey

Is this motherboard good?


For the RAM I don't really understand the dual channel stuff however I think I could scavenge some 2GB or 4GB sticks of RAM from old computers. If I only bought the 8GB stick would adding these have the same effect or am I just being dumb?

It says that it is just semi modular but it should be fine.

Although the Corsair CX430M is just $30 so I will probably get that.