First Gaming Computer

I would like to make the best gaming computer for around $1000 (US) and I would like your help! So please comment.

And also I would like it to be able to play dayz, borderlands 2, garry's mod and other games too but those are just the ones that come to mind.

Check out Logan's video on that. Its all $USD and it will be able to play those games on ultra or whatever is their highest graphics setting is. Keep in mind that Dayz is more cpu intensive and will run better on an I7 (in Logan's build he has a 2500k, a four core cpu).

Prices for the products in the video will have fluctuated as well, as it was posted 5 months ago. So you will probably be able to get it cheaper. =)

i7 is also 4 core >.> just got hyper threading...

Just go off razetheworlds best 1000 dollar build they did a while back? 

If you can't find it go with:

Amd phenom 980 just get ome so you can get an after market cooler and oc like a boss

Asus Sabertooth 990fx

 Corsair vengeance (4x4gb) 1600mhz or 1866mhz like $20 difference 

case just get what ever you like( the total price was with a nzxt phantom which is a pretty nice case)

Power supply, Roswell 750w Hive realty nice 

Kingston hyperx max 3k 120 gb ssd 

depending how much storage you want get as gbs as you want but 1 tb is great 

last of all a video card get a HIS 6870 

Oh and a collet master hyper 212 for the CPU cooler

it comes to a bout $1033 of newegg hope this helps :)