First Gaming Build

Heyo! This is my first build that I want to turn into my own gaming PC! (Tell me what you think!)

Pretty new to this pc thing, Last console I owned was a wii and right now coming from a strugglebook pro.

My budget is around $2,500, I like the asus strix video card, the nzxt h440 and deciding on the Asus z97pro (wifi) or the MSI z97 gaming 7 (Don't really know the big diefference but I saw both on Logical Increments). I also already own windows 7.

I want to get into overclocking but don't want to go that deep, something that is manageable with the stock fans or something.

I play games like FPS, RPG ,JRPG and MOBAS

I already have a keyboard and mouse and looking at the Korean 4k monitor that Wendell reviewed( Honestly I just want a good monitor thats around the same size doesn't have to be 4k, it can be 1440p.

Edit: Made a new list from looking at suggestions from you guys!

Well, it's a decent build I'd say. But, in my very personal opinion, if spending 1600$ on a system with an i5, something is wrong. For little more then that, you could easily go X99. Also, I wouldn't go for a 4k monitor with a single card and only 4Gb of VRAM. If you're mostly gaming, you'll probably have more fun with a 1440p G-SYNC monitor like the Acer predator.

Now, I don't want to talk you out of NVIDIA or anything, just take a look at this 1600$ build that I put together yesterday for someone else here on the forum:

That build modified for you:

I'd wait a while to get the gtx 980 ti but that's just me
otherwise the build(s) above suffice your budget

I like the one with the 290x, put two in, run 4k not to bad, 1440 or 1080 great. (With the 8gb one, that will be great for 4k)

@santossrv Have a look at benchmarks of GTX 970 in 2-way SLI vs a single 980. For the same money you get so much more performance, especially at high resolutions.

Maybe this > + your monitor of choice. You could most certainly get away with an i5 for gaming though. I'd personally wait until the Fiji gpu is released before pulling the trigger on any new system.

I'm running my 3440x1440 monitor of that 8GB 290X and it's pretty good. Not quite 4K but I love the resolution. I'm going to wait and see how the 390X turns out to be and then decide wether to get it or a second 290X.

I forgot to mention that I will be buying another 980, and that I will not complete this build until the end of the year (November)! It will probably change things with different versions of the card coming out.

Thanks a lot for the help! I recently just thought of this build from researching, and I overlooked you suggestion and a few others and came up with this I will revisit this again towards thew end of the year in November when I will buy all the parts together. Thank You.

Remember that the 4790K, like all 1150 CPUs, only has 16 PCI-e lanes. So if you want to go SLI or Crossfire, you really should go X99 and get a 5930K or you won't be running your cards as x16/x16.

Thank you very much! I will look into that and really consider what to do when I am ready to buy all the necessary parts! You have been a great help!!

November.... dont worry at all with price lists now.