First gaming build, what to think about

I am building my first gaming rig, and I was wondering if there is anything I should know. I have watched alot of videos and read about what to do, and I am pretty sure I am prepared for what I have to do. I was wondering if there was anything importat I should think about, like something that could short out my motherboard or something.

There are lots of things to think about too many to list in a forum thread but the videos and stuff you have read probably cover them.

As far as shorthing out your motherboard specifcly the main things are.

Getting the stand offs in the wrong place.

Loosing a screw and it shorthing.

Have your water cooling leak.

Ok, it was probably a stupid post, but I want to sure I don't break anything. Thank you

There are no stupid questions but there isnt really much i can say that wont have been covered by other ppl.

Really there is no need to worry as far as building the system is piss easy if you can build a flat pack table or whatever from ikea then you can build a pc. I would even argue that building a pc is easier than an ikea flat pack.

It doesn't require strength, smarts or skill the main thing you need is patience. You are keenly aware that you are crushing $200 of gfx card into $100 of mobo and its highly stressfull the secret is just to keep calm and keep trying eventualy it will slide in without any effort. The worst thing you can do is get angry and insit its broken or you need more force and get your hammer.

I would say the hardest part to get right is the parts list. When building your parts list you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck so you want to make sure that the system evenly bottle necks ie that you dont spend $200 on a cpu when your system is going to be bottle necked by your $50 gpu instead you want to spend $150 on your gpu and $100 on your cpu so they both bottle neck together.

Just take your time, try to relax, and do your build when your fresh not after a long day.

when you're done, before you plug it in and turn it on, shake your case to make sure there aren't any screws rattling in there