First Gaming Build Pc (mainly for bf3)

Hello everyone,

I plan on building a gaming pc to play BF3 and League of Legends.

 I want a mini-itx case since I travel to friend's place a lot and want that portability.

 I live in australia, this is the store i want the parts from

 I intend to overclock right away.  I've put together this build (not sure on case(mini-itx)) and was wondering if I could get some evaluation on it

 Thanks :)

Well those components you selected not gonne fit in a mini-itx case unfortunatly.

If you want a decent mini atx build, then you need to look on a intel z77 build with i5-3570K.

i will select some parts for you in a minute.

You could save some money and get a better GPU. Take out the NZXT Kraken x60, since that won't fit anyway. Replace it with a Phanteks PH-TC12DX. It is cheaper and more appropriate, it will still deliver all the overclocking you could possibly demand on a gaming rig.

For an ITX system (single GPU configuration) you only need a 550W power supply.

Pick any ITX mobo. I'd recommend the Asus P8Z77 deluxe-I. That's only if you do not wish to wait for the new Z87 and new i5, they are launching in two weeks.

Try throwing in an SSD, even if it is only a boot drive for your operating system (you don't have an OS included). The SSD will speed up the performance and boot time of your system

i made this, i think a mini-itx build like this wont dissapoint you.

Grtz Angel ☺

First of all the motherboard you chose in your build was atx, not mini itx so it wouldn't fit in your case.

Heres my build:

This is a bit more expensive than your build but you could bring the price down if you go for a lower end i5 cpu and a 7870, I don't know how well a 7870 plays games like battlefield but I have a 660ti and normally spend most of the time pinned at 60fps.

You could also take out the SSD if needed but it will make a huge difference to the speed of your system, with this rig your boot times would be <20 seconds

If you already have an OS you can stick on it then you could take out windows 8 but personally I think its worth the upgrade, it's a lot faster than windows 7 and you can disable metro with a start button app uf you're not a huge fan of it, also microsoft are releasing a free update later this year that may add start button functionality :)

Thanks everyone for the help. :)
Much appreciated