First gaming build advice

I have done quite a bit of research and I have came up with a build that is within my budget.

However is this a good time to be buying a rig? Will there be any new hardware soon that may be worth waiting for? I am new to this so I have no idea about future releases.

Thank you :)

This is a good time as ever to build. But, ram prices are high so keep that in mind. As far as cpu, you are fine because piledriver cpu's are good. I would say 600w psu so get the cx600 from corsair. I have no experience with that cpu cooler but i would say if it were me get the hyper 212. If u can, get a ssd even a 60gb, because if u get a ssd u can do caching on the hard drive and make the hard drive faster. As far as research, watch Tek syndicate video to "How to build a Pc". Watch Carey Holzman video because he is slow and steady and is easy to keep up with. Good luck and Happy building

Okay thanks for the help :) I can't really spend anymore money so  I will have to miss out on the SSD. However I am using a really slow laptop at the moment, so the boot times won't bother me :P

Ok, are you sure you want windows 7 rather than windows 8, windows 8 is very stable and has fast boot times. The only downfall is modern ui and microsoft being a fuck up.

I think I will stick with windows 7 as I can't really spend anymore money :/ Also I have no experience at all with windows 8 haha xD

Ok well good luck on your build and welcome to Pc Gaming

Slightly edited for better OC performance and temperatures: