First gaming build, 1200$ ± 200$

Hello world! I am new in the field of PC building, and I've had this plan to dump my laptop for a while now. Had to buy this thing because the previous laptop melted, and this thing I'm gaming with is starting to date.

This time I'm going for a desktop build, because I realized, after passing 2 laptops, that those things simply just aren't made to handle the heat. Well, not enough to be worth a long term investment, that is.

I've read reviews of PC building and parts for a month now, but I'm still unsure what to buy to get the best "Bang for the buck".

Here's a list:

-1200$ ± 200$ budget for a gaming PC, need to buy peripherals (monitor is not included in the budget, not sure if buying at local store or online). I live in Canada, so currency is CAD. Windows 7 OS needs to be included in the price (whatever version is needed).

- Not messing with watercooling yet. I might do so when I learn a bit more about overclocking. I don't mind buying a good heatsink+fan for the CPU though.

- Pc is mainly used to play a FPS Unreal Engine game and a FPS Source Engine game. For this reason, I think I need fast, good amount of RAM, and a 120 GB+SSD drive. I tend to multitask alot when I do homework (20 internet pages + other programs), and I sometime use a map compiler for Source.

- Resolution does not matter much, but I'd like something 1080p if possible.

- Need a Keyboard too, but I don't know what is best suited for FPS gaming. Flashy lights not necessary :P

- USB 2, 3, and headset analog on front panel of case is preferred.

- I need to buy a toolkit, since this is my first build!

- Should I order all the parts from 1 distributor, to make things simpler?


After watching some reviews, I think I'll go with the AMD FX-8350 CPU with a GeForce GTX 760 GPU. I'm not sure what manufacturer I should get the card from. For the motherboard, I was thinking about a ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX, not sure if I should take UEFI BIOS installed on it though. If you think that mobo is a bit overkill, don't hesitate to propose something more appropriate. I'm totally in the dark for the rest, but for this moment and time, I think those are the best performance/value I can get.

Tell me if you agree or not, post suggestions, and pro tips are always welcomed!

Use the +-200 on the mouse keyboard headset. 

The reason I left off the Sabertooth is because having the lanes for 4 way SLI doesn't seem worth it.

Dual 1080P monitors, you can take one out if you want, for extra productivity.

A 6300 doesn't bottleneck a 7950 at all...

Logitech keyboard for all the extra goodies.

Thanks for the precisions about the Sabertooth tmlhalo.

Thanks to you too ghettohamster for the list. I will look more seriously into getting 2 monitors.

About the 7950 Radeon, why is it better than a GTX 760? is there some kind of synchronization/symbiosis with the AMD CPU? EDIT: I know the 7950 is like 50$ cheaper, but it's not as good as the 760. Is the gap worth the 50$?


And about the toolkit, you guys got any idea if I could buy all that stuff locally?

760 and 7950 are about the same. They trade blows depending on the game. The 7950 will have the edge in multi moniter support as it has 3 gbs of Vram instead of 2.

There isn't any benefit from pairing amd with amd.

Good website for comparing gpus.

Take it with a grain of salt though.

I'm not sure what you mean by toolbox. I've never used more than a couple of non magnetic screwdrivers and a very small wrench (for the stand offs). 


You also get the free 3 games.

Do you know the usual size needed for the wrench and screwdriver? I pretty sure the screwdriver is a #2 philips though.


And nwhiteman, what games are you going on about? O.o

And I'm sorry, I wouldn't know. The screwdrivers I have are just an odd assortment of different ones. The wrench was a small 5 inch wrench. A pair of pillers or anything that grips well should be able to turn the stand off's hex shaped bases.

Ok, and about ordering parts, do you think I should order all on the same day, try to kinda centralize the shipping? or is that simply not desirable?

Also, I'm still wondering if I should go for the best RAM I can find. 8 GB seems like a good amount to me.

I vote all at once. Simply because if it takes place over 30 days sometimes it's a hassle returning. I find Gskill or corsair to be what I look for in ram.

Thanks alot :D

I heard some things about chanelling and RAM clock speeds, is that something you have to choose considering the CPU/mobo you have? Or it's just: The faster the better?

I have a £1000 Gaming PC build over at my youtube channel MrDantheman2050:

Checking it right now.

Also, along with the RAM question, does someone knows if any sale event/price drop is going to happen soon for parts?

If not for labor day tomorrow nothing comes to mind til Christmas.