First gaming build, $1,200 cap

sorry for my bad spelling, i didnt bother to spell check 

Buy IPS monitor like this one LG IPS231P-BN or this one Asus VS239H-P.

Otherwise you are more than good

I have the flatron IPS 234, which is (in my country?!) 30 bucks cheaper, and it has 5 msec. respond time, instead of 6. I am gald that I can afford this, but at the same time something like that drives me insane. One good and one bad for LG ;). I love that monitor looks way better, than the blurry TN-Panels. BAH!

I know there is no way you actually bought all that Windows shit. Don't do that to people lol. 

Ask like 800$. That is fair. Considering for 900$ you could build that up from scratch... That's ONLY if the shit is very new and will be shipped in very very nice packaging.

Thanks again guys, I just need a final decision on heatsink and will the good cause the 2 free games will save me some $$

noctua, or kraken x60

That GPU looks damn fine, espeacially with 2 games



Take MSI not Gigabyte

MSI R7950 Twin Frozr 3GD5/OC

I believe I am near the final build, Thar she blows! I appreciate you guys helping me a lot.

Do you think logan would approve of this build? 

Well if I must be picky I would rather take Cooler Master Hyper 612 instead of Dark Knight, also I would rather take TT Overseer RX-1, as for the mouse depending on the budget  Cooler Master CM Storm Sentinel Advance II or Cooler master Storm Xornet

 And I still believe you could have squeezed in that Shimian 27" 2560x1440


there is no need to buy more thermal paste, you get thermal paste with the aftermarket cooler
you buy.

I really like how you pair a HD 7950 with a EVGA PSU, it's kind of ironic isn't it? The build is amazing right now, good luck!

Is it really better as 3 fans + 2 games? (if they are not included)

I think MSI is more toyisch. I had rather bad experiences. 



Gigabyte has a nasty habit of locking voltage control on his cards, so no overclocking, so its a bit of a gamgle with it.

Ha gets games no matter what manufacturer he chooses.

Msi is equal to Asus when it comes to graphic cards lately, and 7950 Twin Frozr is the best 7950 there is...

I had a Twin Frozr model and I couldnt hear hear those fans in load, not at lll...

I also had Msi Cyclone 6850 and Gigabyte Windforce 6850. Difference? Heaven and Hell...

hm... What do you think about the secret overclock of MSI?:,18013.html

I don't like the sellers (on youtube, and theyr page etc.), and theyr "every bit performance bossible by any means" attitute. I've heard of (some older) msi boards that didn't work to. Maybe your twinfrocer is fine, though... Only MSI knows...