First gaming build, $1,200 cap

I'm looking to build a computer mostly for gaming, web browsing, and maybe some graphics but nothing substantial that would require a lot of rendering.

When my brother graduated he got a macbook ($1,200 at the time) so now that I'm graduating I want to build a system that will put his to shame. 

Some of the questions I've been having are where should I focus on the build. Would it be beneficial to get around a $350+ GPU, liquid cooling, but no SSD or should I save my money and get something else that would help my system run better?

If you guys can help lead me in the right direction it would be awesome. 

Also, I currently have a aoc tv . I was wondering if i should try to use this for my build or should i take the cut in money and invest in a $120 monitor with a lower response time and higher resolution. I also dont have a mouse or keyboard but might be able to get one from my dad.

Change it if you like

Edit: I know nothing about good OC'ing motherboards, so do your own reasearch or ask one of the forum members.

I would go for something like this:

I changed the Graphics card for you to get a nice monitor, however this still is a pretty powerful machine ,  I prefer this motherboard for OC'ing,  I only tried this one and everything went great. 

The Dark Knight beats the hell out of the H60, Closed loop watercoolers are only better than air over a 75 bucks pricepoint, getting a low end one like the H60 is not worth it.



I hate to be that guy, but I need to sell my new pc I just built.

Here it is on ebay,

This thing can do everything you need to blow your brothers pc out of the water lol and it has extras already included. Price is negotiable. Thanks for looking

L0l Overpriced man.

You can build it new right from scratch with that money :S

This is it,

What should I ask $900??

Only major question we have here is do you need a new monitor, since that TV has only 720p, yes you do.

This monitor will make your brother squeal, Apple uses these panels for their monitors...

here is a motherboard I would pick up. 




LOL knock yourself out   XD

hm... why?

130$ for a MB with only 4+1 phase power design?


hm.... I thought chipset is more important. Can you overclock with that gigabyte mainboard to 5 ghz?

Well it isnt, he can definetly get to 4,5+ GHz, but 5ghz depends on the cpu it self and the voltage required to get there...

ah, thanks. I've been reading A LOT. And it seemed like that to me. Should've checked that.

WHen it comes to overclocking the most important thing for the MB is the number of power phases that filtrate voltage for CPU. Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 has 8+2 which makes it the best affordable OC MB in the market. There is the question of components built in the those phases, but Gigabyte had always given MB;s with exelent HW (and confusing BIOS and crapy SW ). This Mb is the way to go in this price range and beyond...

Extremely overpriced.

+1 for the UD3 - 8350 combo with a 7950 or 7970.

damn it, mistake in my configuration. I've bought the asrock extreme 4. Argh.

thanks for the responces guys, i apprciate it a lot. ive swapped some things around and ended up with this . do you guys have any comments on that build? also, do you think this system will be overclockable.