First Ever Titanfall case?

Check out this case paint job me and a friend did today.

if only it didn't say "Athlon" on the front of it lol

other than that, looks good

I wouldn't necessarily call a paint job a "mod". That would be like painting the walls in my bedroom and calling them "modded". Paint =/= mod in my opinion.

Having said that, it does look nice. The scuff marks look realistic, but not overdone like many people do. 

That Athlon sticker though.

Truth be you don't need much more to run that game.

It was my friends first build. he was working with a budget that's why it has an Athlon.

I am more on the side where Paint =/= mod, modding in my eyes is makes edits to the case itself like cutting holes or having stuff stick out. Either way the pain is nice and clean

I stand corrected on the mod thing sorry about that.

I like it, turning a boring ass case into something awesome good job.

Thank you very much!

The more I look at it, the more I like it.


Looks nice. I would consider it a mod, anybody can pick up a rattle can but that doesn't mean they know how to pull off a good paint job.

Thanks, appreciate it!