First Ever Gaming PC parts decision help!

Ill get right to it this time, I've had to re-write this post like 5 times now!

So im going to be playing a lot of games of course, and im stuck with under $700, as this is a "budget" build.

I will also like to render videos as i have a youtube channel and it would be nice to save some time there, I use sony vegas. rendering isn't that big of a priority but just throwing that on the table...

okay, here's my parts;

-antec new solution series micro atx mid tower case

-western digital Blue 1tb, pretty common for pc's im sure

-intel core i3-3220/corsair builder series 500 watt BRONZE CERTIFIED (bundle, save $15)

-Kingston hyper X series 1600 RAM 4gb (will upgrade to 8 down the road...)

-ECS H61H2-MV Socket 1155 motherboard


So basically my main question is would it be worth to sort of "skimp" out on the motherboard and get a complete beast GPU? or should i stick with an ASUS 7870 directcu ii for $210, save $40 and spend that 40 on a "better" case, RAM, and motherboard by a little bit... 

So in advance, thanks for helping out, and if you did reply back thank you!

I would pick a quality motherboard and just understand which chipset you need.

You can save money but still have a quality board if you don't plan on using the extra sata and usb that come with the higher chipsets.

okay, thanks for the reply, however i am having trouble understanding what you mean :P So you would recommend me getting a better motherboard and a 7870 rather than a cheaper motherboard and a 7950?



best example I can give is for AMD boards but it would work the same.

The 990FX chipset has 8 SATA III ports and like 6 USB 3 ports. *

The 970 chipset has like 6 SATA ports and like 4 USB 3 ports on back. *

*These numbers are rough.

The 990FX is usually 50 dollars more than the 970 chipset even when it is by the same brand.

So if you don't NEED 8 SATA ports and 6 USB ports, find a lower chipset.

That way you save money on ports you don't need but can still pick a quality brand, like Asus.

okay well im pretty set in stone on my choice to get the i3-3220, and i literally went for the cheapest mobo :/ lol. And i understand what you're saying now by the way

I would see about upgrading it to atleast an I5 when you have the chance. Did you order it already?

no i haven't ordered it yet, planning on doing so in a couple of days

and i was going to try and completely buy a monster gpu for and a "cheap" cpu that could still game, and then possibly get an i5-3570k for christmas!

You could think about this build.

I forgot to mention that im in canada :/ but that build does look pretty promising!

If you can 11 over I would trust this power supply more.

thanks! and i can tell you're an amd fan...

I prefer their cpus for gaming because games usually aren't too cpu intensive. No reason for the extra money. I prefer Nvidia for GPUs but since both Xbox one and PS4 are using AMD, the frostbite engine and crytex were announced to be optimized for AMD. It's the safer bet at the moment. I think other multiplat developers will have AMD and Nvidia running neck and neck or AMD slightly ahead because of this now.


If you ever do editting pick Intel though.