First ever build. (Excitement)

Would love some advice and insight on this build I am putting together. First ever custom buil. Complete with custom water cooling for both the cpu and gpu.

Would love any tips or reccomendations from people who do this more often then I (:

Here is a link to my "wishlist" 

nice but do you have a motherboard already for it?

Something that might help is having a motherboard in there. I personally would recommend the ASrock z77 extreme6. Lots of features for a super low cost.

another thing to consider is other GPUs. unless you are completely set on the 680, i would recommend the 7970, more vram, higher bandwidth (kind of unesscessary at the moment) you could pick up a Gigabyte GHZ edition for $480 that has the same core clock.

for $10 more you could get a gold 850 modular psu also fully modular.

links to the items.

Graphics card:


Power Supply:

hope the build goes well :D I don't know much about custom watercooling so i just steered clear

I acidently deleted something from my build but didnt know what it was... it was the motherboard hahaha

Thanks guys ill check these all out.


I don't have much experience in water cooling but your ram being G.Skill Ares F3-2133C9Q-16GAB 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 change that for 2x8 modules for upgrade potential + you don't need an I7 unless you are doing uber video projects. just get the I5 3570K.

I would say getting the i7 is a valid choice as the LGA 1155 socket is dead now. might as well get the highest one to save the need for an upgrade in a years time if games start utilising hyper-threading, which im skeptical about.