First Enthusiast Build

Here's a suggestion:

I would forgo getting an 8350 and go for something that you can upgrade later. Z97 will ensure you can upgrade to Broadwell i7 or something later.

Noctua NH-D14 is a steal at that price

You can get whatever motherboard you want in your cooler scheme. I wouldn't drop more than 200 dollars or so on a motherboard. You can overclock well on boards that cost 150 or less. You just have to decide what features you would want like WiFi. Asrock, Gigabyte, MSI, and Asus all make good boards in various colors.

Kingston Hyperx 3k 240g SSD is one of the best especially at that price.

Rosewill Capstone 650w is priced well and made by superflower.

Any 16g of ram will work for the most part. Get whatever is cheap and fits the color scheme you want. 8g is more than enough though.

The MSI 780 is the cheapest right now and it's just as good as the rest.

2TB of Seagate barracuda storage. Get a WD blue drive if you want a Western Digital drive; Green drives spin slower.

I wouldn't drop over 200 dollars on a case but it's your money and a case is a personal choice. If you like that look of that full size Phantom; NZXT makes mid size towers that look just like it for under 100 dollars.

after reviewing the helpful suggestions here's the current build:

still deciding on a hard drive and cooler. suggestions for the cooler only please. 

not a fan of intel too expensive for the performance they provide. also  mobo seems pricey for feature set.

The Dark Knight II ... I've seen it drop to $35 around holiday season (Nov/Dec) which is when you plan on building this but even at this price its pretty good. Its Black unlike other popular air coolers (good for color scheme) and in Logan's review it performed as well as a Corsair H100I ....

DO I need standoffs for the motherboard?


you should get stand offs with your case and all screws you need.


pre installed on NZXT cases