First Digital Art PC for a friend

Hello everybody, I have come for help! So, my friend is an artist, and he's been drawing traditionally for a very long time. But, he keeps saying he wants to move over to digital art, and start drawing with a tablet, but he has no clue where to about finding a PC for that. So, he comes straight to me, since I am pretty much the only person he knows that has actually built a computer and knows somewhat about computers, heheh. I agreed to help him put it together, pick out the parts, etc. But then I realized: I only know about GAMING PC parts, I know nothing of Art PCs! I still agreed to help him find the parts, because even though I don't know much about art PCs. I'm sure there are some digital artists here that could help us out :P. Of course since this is his first build, and he's not going to be drawing on a 9999999 x 9999999 res canvas, we're going to keep it as cheap as we can. If you could point us in the right direction, pick us out some parts, etc., we would both be very grateful :3


Thanks in a advance,

-Benji The Cat

if hes not gaming he doesnt need all that in a gpu and need better keyboard,ram,mouse, and def a track pad so i suggest:

or if he has a monitor mouse keyboard and os

you can always go cheaper but this will be adequate for a good 7 or so years

is he really wants to use a tablet have him get an ipad

No a tablet for drawing, not an entertainment tablet lol. But still I'll check out the links, thanks for the help

Wow, this looks great, thanks for the help! Right in his budget too!

Truthfully digital art (as in painting) isn't all that demanding. A system based on like i3 or amd apu would do fine. I personally would go for something like a surface pro or surface pro 2 especially since the original can be had in the 128gb variety for like 499 new... But there are advantages in going with a desktop in ease of maintaining the system for a long time.

Yeah, that's why I was going to go with a desktop in the first place. And all the Surface Pros I've seen have Windows 8/8.1, and he definitely won't know how to use that. And I have a copy of Windows 7 that I was going to let him use anyways, since he already knows enough about that to use it, if I got him something with Windows 8/8.1 he'd definitely be lost and asking me for help all the time, and personally I don't know much at all about Windows 8/8.1, so it wouldn't be good for both of us. And he's really set on building his first computer, which we all remember how it was to build your first rig, and I'm sure he doesn't want to miss out on that, heheh. And if he for whatever has any problems with his Windows 7 rig, he can just call me or message me on Skype or something to straighten it out. But still, I understand where you're coming from, but I think I'll stick with the desktop. Thanks anyways though, I appreciate your insight.

For digital painting the main thing you should look at are a good graphics tablet and a color accurate monitor as well as some way to calibrate the monitor. Wacom tablets are the most common and come in a variety of prices and sizes, they also usually come with Photoshop Elements and other software. I can't really give you a good list of monitors, just look for something that has good reviews for color accuracy.

Just a few things to look into. This one may be a bit more expensive than what you are considering but it has a larger working area than the less expensive wacoms.

For the computer hardware you want a good amount of ram and another thing you may want to consider is having an ssd for the os and programs and then a large capacity 7200 rpm drive for files and the scratch disk, because having everything running off the same drive can cause it to slow down.