First Desktop

So for the last... Ever I've been just given $400 laptops for my birthday or Christmas and that's what I use to play. As you can expect this is not very good for gaming but I do it anyway. My current laptop can play CS:GO at minimum settings with some console commands to increase framerate further, at just over 35 fps and sometimes it dips down to the mid 20s range. I am tired of low gaming performance and really want an upgrade.

So I got a job, got 2 jobs actually and I've been working my butt off to get enough money to finally buy an amazing desktop. I really want this desktop to last a long time like at least 5 years of gaming at 1080p with games running 40+fps on around maximum graphics. I've never built a PC and don't know an amazing amount about components but I think the parts I've selected are good. My budget is $2000 but I'd like to stay under that if possible. Here's the parts. 

Processor - i7 4790k

Motherboard - Msi Z97-G45

Graphics Card - Msi GTX 780 OC

Ram - Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M4X1600C9.... Corsair Vengeance 8gb (I'll upgrade this to 16gb if needed in the future)

SSD - Crucial M500 120GB

HDD - WD Blue 1TB

Power Supply - Seasonic 750W gold certified

CPU Cooling - Corsair H100i

and finally the glorious case - NZXT H440


The final cost over at NCIX with a keyboard and operating system as well is $1,968.96. My question is; is this build worth the money, and what would you guys change about my list?


You build is fine for what you are doing and what you want to get. Personally id pick an AMD GPU if they are priced in your region anything like they are price in mine but the gtx 780 will be more then enough horse power to get you through any game for the next few years (minus star citizen) .

Stretch for this maybe?

fractionally more expensive

Oh and BTW the reason for the 1050w PSU is for crossfire later.  If you dont want to crossfire, then grab the 850w for $40 less

SeaSonic X Series 1050W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply

Pretty sure that's a bit overkill.  A 850w would work just fine.

This system is probably much more than you will need, and will definitely last you 5 years, but overall thats a nice system. You can run 1080p at ultra settings for all current games and most games for the next 2 or 3 years at least.

If you can grab a couple NF F12's for the system , 2 for the H100i..those fans are loud and noisy, if you don't care about sound then don't worry about it, but I was very happy when I just went for it and got NF F12's all around, think of it as an investment because they have a 5 year no questions asked warranty.

If you want to save some money just Download the OS for free, if your against that I understand completely though :)

I used to game on my $300 labor day sale laptop.  Building a nice desktop is a world of difference.  If you don't mind buying from other vendors, and perhaps going a bit less on the fancies, you could get more performance for your money.

You also need a keyboard and mouse(which it seems you know, but didn't link).  Do you need a monitor or speakers as well?  Do you need an operating system?  Stuff like this is what you also have to consider, since when you buy a laptop it has most of these things with it already.

1.8k tower + keyboard

+1 but I think He wants a H440 for the case. :P

to be honest, I don't know how to download an operating system (for free) and would need a guide or someone to walk me through it.

I have a keyboard, mouse, headset, desk, all that stuff. I just really need a desktop tower and then I'm all set. 

Thanks for the feedback! I'm definitely going to alter my original build now.

Just one more quick question though. Nvidia's 780 and AMD's R9 290x have very similar performance when it comes to gaming, (maybe not video editing,) but Nvidia's 780 costs about $70 more. It comes with (in my opinion) better drivers and more support for built in features such as shadowplay, G-Sync and streaming to a shield. In the end do the features Nvidia offers justify the extra $70 on the price? (in your opinion of course.)

Well, with Adaptive V-Sync on AMD, it nullifies nvidia's G-Sync.

I have found AMD's drivers to be perfectly stable.  I would take the 290X because of its larger 4GB frame buffer, as well as its lower price.