First Desktop Gaming Build, Need Help!

I'v always been a laptop kind of guy, i tend to move around a a lot, so what i'm looking for a Gaming/Productivity/Rendering Build Build, Also i'm looking into trying out AMD, don't know if its a good idea.

Cooling is a must i need Some Powerful Cooling since i currently reside in the Caribbean. Current laptops are a m17x r2 pretty outdated, and a acer v3 771.

This is what i came up with guys i'd like to know what you guys think. and what changes i should make.

Or if you guys can recommend a good gaming laptop under a 2k Budget.

thanks in advance.

I scrapped the crossfired gpu's and replaced it with the sapphire r9 290. If you can't afford the upgrade I suggest reducing 16gb of RAM to 8 gb or, failing that, the cpu to a 8320. Both downgrades won't affect gaming performance but RAM reduction may affect large scale video rendering times. Either way the one r9 290 will perform better than the 2 270's.


Good luck,


Consider a smaller build if you move around a lot.

Also, are you going to overclock?

Not really thinking of overclocking, 

The size doesn't really matter, but ill look into smaller Cases. 

And thanks for the Info Luke, although i'e heard that the 290 generates a bit of Heat, but that 290 looks good ill look into it.

thank you gentlemen 

The 290 can generate some heat but they're built to take it. The Tri-X is probably the coolest of the lot and with some decent case fans, heat shouldn't be a problem.