First Desktop build

So I just started building my first PC in order to ditch the console universe and join the PC gaming community. I ordered my case and RAM off of Amazon since I had $100 in certificates and I plan to go purchase the rest of the parts from a local microcenter tomorrow. 

So here's what I got shipping to me

Case - 

RAM - Corsair Vengeance, 2 x 4gb DDR3 1600 mhz 

Now here's what I intend to purchase. The motherboard and processor are a bundle and cost $250 total.

Motherboard - ASrock Z77 Pro4 1155 ATX Intel Motherboard 

Processor - Intel i5 3570K 3.4GHz LGA 1155

Power Supply - 600 watt Inland power supply


As for the hard drive, I'll be going for a terabyte. Don't know the exact model I'll get. 

What do you guys think of my build? Also, do you think I'll need a graphics card or any sort of cooling? After all this I'll be kinda low on cash and was likely not going to get either. Thanks in advance.

If you plan on gaming you are going to need a dedicated card of somesorts with the i5. Also with the powersupply make sure it is 80+ certified. As far as cooling you can get away with the stock fan as long as you don't overclock your cpu.

Yeah I don't intend doing any overclocking. As for the graphics card I know the motherboard has some onboard graphics that are pretty good by themselves. 

not good at all. you want like a 7870 or better



The onboard graphics is the Intel HD 4000. Playing BF3 on lowest settings it barely ran 25-30 fps. That was on single player. You will take a bigger hit on multiplayer. I'm sure the 7870 is out of your price range for now but even an $80 Video card will make your computer a lot better.

if your looking for something not too fancy but will still help look at an amd radeon 7750

So youre going to ditch the console universe with a nice expensive computer but no graphics card. You'll still be playing at console like quality. This $85 dollar 2 year old APU will have better graphics than you:

get a 550ti for 140 bucks...and an 80+ certified psu.

I'm not that concerned with graphics. My main reason for dithcing consoles is the communities. 


I'm tight on cash at the moment but I have the full intention of  adding or upgrading parts in the future.

I would say get an HD 7770 and get a different PSU the antec basiq vp450 is a great one at micro center and if that is too much to add switch the for an fx 6300 at mc you can get it with a am3+ motherboard for very cheap like $150 its a bundle deal also consider the i3 3220 as you are on a budget.  For the HDD get the western digital caviar black 1tb can't go wrong with that drive and a 5 year warranty. Rest looks good