First custom RX 480 on overclockers UK for £250

its looks amazing and it has a 8pin connector which should help with not going over the 75W pcie thing everyone was moaning about :D

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That is what $330?

I have a feeling this card is gonna be like $300 in the US. That kinda sucks.

I've heard it's supposed to be $260

European prices are always way higher than American prices.

that card is probably going to be $250+ at the least

True but $100 less? I find that hard to believe especially when they kept claiming the $100-300 price range...

For $250-260 this would be an absolute steal I think. But any more and ehh...

Id like to see a 4GB version or $220-240. That's be awesome IMO

the sad thing is that the 4GiB card is enough for most people. but AMD has been giving out more and more 8GiB cards to stores and newegg.

Well apparently there is a shortage of VRAM or some shit. Like the fast kind so they re focusing on getting all of that on the 8GB cards and then doing the 4GB ones later with possibly slower VRAM.

But yeah 98% of people don't need 8GB. Especially on this GPU. It isn't fast enough to take advantage of all of it

Basically it is 20 pounds more expensive than reference... It is not much more expensive than a reference one... From what Sapphire Ed have stated, suppose to be much cooler and what not...Custom PCB, 8 pin power... All good stuff... And RGB, because we can't live without RGB...
PS: That is one F-ing sexy backplate...

It reminds me of my 270X backplate...




that's where crossfire comes in :D

this card is the crossfire dream.

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yup im hyped for this im actually thinking of buying this one not the reference :D

I've pre-ordered one. But the ETA is 22nd July... I fucking hate waiting.

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I really hope it arrives sooner...

I would say much lower in the US as the $200 for the 4 GB works out to about €260 here, $230 for the 8 Gb is about €280 here so the €300 should be about $250.


the new skyrim is going to get modded like crazy, just like all Bethesda games. if it doesnt have the vram capped like the original, it will definitely use 4+ @1080 with mods.

somthing like, 2k general texture pack + 4-8k faces/eyes/clothes/weapons + large amount of tree, grass, weather, fog , ect mods that arent optimized made to look good not preform well and a enb like sharpshooters and boom! vram slowing you down.

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You realize the new Skyrim will start with like 5% of the mods, because 95% will be incompatible, right?
I want Bethesda to remaster Fallout 3, so I can play it on W7 and not be sad every time the steam page tells me the game don't run on Windows 7... But I guess if they do that people may get reminded of the good Fallout game and realize how bad F4 is...

Ontopic, I am awaiting 470... Just want 470...


yes, im speaking of 6~ months after the release. foreseeable future and with the popularity of the original + the free copies to people who own it already will make it the most popular reason to get 4+ gigs of vram imo.

It will be interesting to see prices in Australia - the reference model 8gb version is currently $449