First Custom PC, $600 budget

Okay, I'm looking to build a gaming, and rendering computer (I record youtube videos and use movie maker to render) The main games I play are civ 5 and minecraft and would like to play them at max setting. My currency is the United States ('Murica) and I would prefer at least a quad core cpu, I do not need any periferals, and 100% must have a Corsair H100i because im looking to overclock right away! I have no prefrence in any brand at all. The absolute highest I will pay is $650 I would prefer a 6 core and an ssd if at all possible

Just a question, will u  be on games like battlefield and/or call of duty? If I were you, I'd wait for october for radeon 9000 release, radeon 7000 series price drop and then buy.

A h100i doesnt make sense for your budged, you could either go with a haswell i5 and no overclocking (budged) or a 8320 with a budged air cooler.

Also, do you have a os and any parts you could use like a harddrive, dvd drive, case etc.?


That would do civ 5 at about 60 fps max 1080p


Here you go it should give high quality performance in those games and be good for video editing


I have an OS and thats it, its on a flashdrive too, so no dvd drive needed


So... You wish to overclock? The 6300 isnt that great for video editing... but get it to 4.8 ghz and you should be grand.


Honestly for what you pay the H100i is bad.  You should consider getting a good air cooler like Noctua-D14 it's quieter, cools better, and is build better.