First computer build, need some advice!









i really need some help i am ready to purchase everything just want to have some secong opinions   to help me make sure that the system would not bottleneck or anything. Would like to do some overclocking as i have the h80i in the parts list. hope to hear back from some of you guys i would love to hear some feedback. thanks -Ryley-

Seems solid.  It'll probably handle anything you can throw at it.

If you're looking into overclocking your GPU as well you might want to pick one with an aftermarket cooler on it, but I'm probably saying that because of my bias against the plastic-shell-with-lone-fan reference design.

As an added point, SLI would benefit more from better cooling if you plan on using all those extra PCI express slots on that mobo.

Other than that it seems like a typical 3570k build to me, which should be fine.


i am looking to overclock hence the h80i in the parts list. so would you reccomend anything else for cpu cooling?

looking to stay under the 1200 dollar mark with the os(windows 7)

gpu sorry misread that:P

Don't buy an h80. Low end liquid cooling is usually outperformed be air cooing at the same price point or lower.

Check mine out and Give me an offer!

This is $1900+ I think

what would you suggest for air cooling? i am not a fan as they are usually ugly looking. but any suggestions?


too far over my price range, looks like a nice system though, i just want to build one on my own, want to have the experience, good luck!

wow, looks pretty kick ass. well, i would probobly consider the graphics card as an upgrade if i ever consider dumping some more money into this. thanks for the feedback, i would like to see how this build turns out, just need to turn the keys and get it started. thanks again!