First complete build, need help!

This is going to be my first complete build, I have upgraded a few computers before but never built one from scratch. here is what I have so far:

In total, the amount of money I will be spending is ~$300, because I am re-using my HDD, PSU, and GPU. I would like to get a new GPU though, is there anything I could do to get a better GPU (7770 or better) without spending more than another $75? Let's assume I get the CPU for Christmas, then that is -$100 that I have to spend, what GPU should I get for under $175 that won't make my CPU a bottleneck?

Also, I think I can get a different MOBO for less, but I can't find a good one. I prefer ATX over mATX.

Dude, don't spend $50 on RAM in a $300 build. Spend like $30, RAMs not that important. Try to get $80 for a mobo. Also, getting a second 6770 might not be a bad idea.

Your current ram looks decent why not just get another 2gb of that for like $10.

You can get a 7850 for that or in the new year you may be able to get a 7870. There are only a few games that will have the cpu as the bottle neck no matter what gfx you go with.

It's not really a $300 build, it's about $600 or so, I said $300 because I was going to reuse my GPU, PSU and HDD.

Yea, I think I may wait for 2013 to get a new GPU. That's probably going to save me some dosh.

lose the 1866 RAM, ram speed makes no difference unless you use integrated graphics

go with 1333 or 1600

Thank you, this guy needs, 8GB of about 1600 1.5V RAM.