First Case Modding. Am I Missing Anything?

So, in a few days I plan to do some work on my computer case, i had been looking for a new case but have now decided just to stick with my current one (Antec 300 Illusion). I plan to add more cable routing options and paint the case a different color (not much but i think its enough for my first time). My basic plan is the following:

1. Mark where i want the routing holes to be as best as possible while the motherboard is still in

2. Take out all computer hardware

3.Disassemble case as much as possible (drill out rivets and all)

4. Cut out new routing holes (plan to use a Dremel)

5. Sand case and holes (Metal file to get the newly cut routing holes smoothed, then basic mid-grade then fine-grade paper to get paint off)

6. Get as much dust and dirt off case as possible

7. Paint primer onto case, let dry

8. paint planned colors (flat black on inside, dark or normal blue on outside), let dry

9. Reassemble all

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if u do notice a problem that has eluded me please let me know in the comments


Items I plan to use:

Dremel (with cutting attachment)

Metal File

Spray Paint

Sand Paper (mid-grade and fine-grade)

Rivet Gun

Drill ( 1/8 in. drill bit for rivets)

Basic Safety Equipment (safety glasses, gloves, etc..)


Added in after thoughts (may or may not go through with them):

1. Adding second spot for exhaust fan on top (would make 2 140mm fans on top in total), would remove grill from first one and add aftermarket grill to both to make them matching (if done will probably use hole saw attachement with drill)


I mean.... all you REALLY need is a dremmel, obviously you want this to end up looking quite nice though, seems like a decent lot of equipment, looks like an excellent list of things to do.