First build

is that a good price/quality gaming computer for under 1500$ cad

i would go with a cheaper case at that price point but solid build

Wouldn't buy smaller then 240gig SSD also prob don't need an AIO.

$150 is really the least i would ever spend on a case anything under that usually sub par quality.

my r4 was $80 new and shipped to my house

i only need ssd for the os and the case is a preference but is this a good price to performance gaming computer

ok but i will keep the case is one of my favorite case but do i really need aio for oc to 4.5 ghz if i get a good proccesor

SSDNow V300 is a really crappy SSD - Kingston switched the nand flash in them.

Other than that, the build looks pretty good.

i change the ssd to a Sandisk Ultra II will it be better ? and for overclocking cpu and gpu will my psu be sufficient sorry for my writting im french