First Build

Hiya everyone. Looking to get into pc gaming and this is my first build. This would be my first time building a computer so I thought I would ask around for advice and possible alternative parts.

As you can probably tell I'm living in Canada. The build right now is sitting at around 900$ and I'd like to keep it there or lower. If a job that I'm in process of getting works out I can probably get the HDD and Widnows 8 (possibly a power supply as well) for a discounted price and shave a little off the price tag there.

Also, I chose the 200R rather than a NZXT 210 Elite because I heard the 210 is rather narrow and would make it hard to fit the 212 EVO CPU cooler in there, thoughts?

Last but not least, I chose the Gigabyte GA-990FX because I heard that it does better than cheaper boards at overclocking and Using 2 GPUs (which is something I see happening if I decide to keep going with pc gaming).

I will mostly be using this pc for MMOs, modern games (more RPGs and less FPSs), and emulators/retro gaming.

Comments on any of these points or any other part of the build would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)


Oh, I almost forgot: I already have a mouse, a monitor, and good headphones so any suggestions on good, budget gaming keyboards would be nice, too.

Seems like a pretty solid build to me, apart from the OS, but Im really not a fan of windows 8, each to their own i suppose. :) 

Yeah, I've thought about getting windows 7 as well. Still haven't decided yet. However, Windows 8 looks pretty crazy so I thought I might give it a shot.

Much better quality mobo and PSU... downgraded GPU to a 270 (overclock it if you want a 270x)... faster RAM, much less failure prone HDD... added a SSD...

and, it's $7 cheaper :)

If you add windows 7, you could knock a little bit of money off?


I would switch out that SSD with one that doesn't use asynchronous flash.

When did kingston change the flash? 

the SSDNow is the budget SSD without the nice flash memory... if you wanna pay a little extra the HyperX is a lot better, or Corsair Neutron, or Samsung EVO... which are definitely better SSDs

but in all honesty I use a SSDNow in my build at home and work... and it's fine...

I can second that, I have a SSDnow and it works perfectly fine

They've changed it relatively recently; within the past couple of months.

Their new budget line that's coming out, the Fury line of SSDs, should be using better synchronous flash.

fair enough...

Would it be possible to just get the HDD now (lol) and later upgrade by adding an SSD? How would I go about doing that? I'm guessing I would have to uninstall my OS from the HDD and reinstall it on the SSD?

Thanks a lot. :D

I have done the same with my own computer.  Here's how I've gone about doing it, but I'm sure there's an easier way.

Use the HDD normally.  Install windows and your programs.  When you get your SSD, install windows onto that, and then transfer important files from the HDD to SSD.  Reformat HDD and drag all your important files back onto the HDD.  I don't have a whole lot of data, so this worked pretty well for me.

I have a 500 GB external hard drive. Should work unless I go crazy lol