First Build

Got a few questions. 

  1. Need a motherboard to fit older hhd and new ssd.
  2. Already have 8gb of g skill ram, and a mid tower case
  3. Need cpu, gpu, psu,and ssd. Intel or amd doesnt matter.
  4. For gaming and I wanna get into programming.
  5. Im tryin to keep it cheap, all the help appericated.

Define cheap with a possible range of figures.

Price range is needed. Can't put together a build for you if you don't define "cheap".

Cheap could be $350 or $500 or $ needs to be specific. what is the absolute MAX that you're willing to pay for this rig? (excluding tax)

350 400

I'm going to be honest, for that price point you're going to get something less than astounding. This is the best that I could come up with

Just be aware that if you decide to get a proper cpu cooler and overclock, you can't push it very far on this board

this list comes out to $420, but it is worth spending the extra 20 bucks for what you want to do with this pc.